The worst has happened…


The Pens traded my fav player and my baby’s namesake. Bad times.

Pittsburgh gets:
Marian Hossa
Pascal Dupuis

Atlanta gets:
Colby Armstrong
Erik Christensen
Angelo Esposito
Pens 1st-round pick

I feel like I could vomit. Hossa is insane, but I HATE losing Colby. Bleh. How did I get so hardcore into hockey that I am streaming trade deadline talks?? I hate sports! But, I love hockey.


One thought on “The worst has happened…

  1. Sue

    Very sad for you but totally understand! I am a die hard Jeremy Roenick Fan and remember when they traded him to Phoenix from Chicago. It stinks…(we were coming home from summer vacation….ruined the trip) . Still love Roenick though and hockey!! I’m new to the Cupcake blog world and love yours. It is one of my favs. Don’t have one of my own yet..Maybe one day. Anyway, sorry about the trade. It will feel better next season! Just wondering…did you like Olczyk as a coach

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