Trade deadline today…


And thats serious business around here. I don’t want to lose ANYONE! The rumor is Colby Armstrong could be traded. (The guy we named our baby after….yes, I am nuts.) Jaos would not like that at all. Fingers and toes crossed till the deadline. Think good thoughts for my Pens please.


One thought on “Trade deadline today…

  1. sarah

    Sorry your Pens traded Colby…all I heard about was “how is Sidney going to react?” since he and Colby were best buds. Hossa is really good, and maybe he can fill that line with Crosby and leave the Malone-Malkin-Sykora line intact. I’m hapy that Marian got traded to the Pens–I CAN’T STAND Kovalchuk, so not having to hear that he’s a first liner and Hossa’s a second liner is fine with me. 🙂
    Oh, and y’all aren’t sad for naming your baby after a Penguin…I used a vacation day to spend it at home watching the NHL Network and listening to XM waiting for trades to come down…and I’m in south Texas. Apparently one of my supervisors (a Pens fan) got pretty pissed about the deal and threw some stuff around. When we like hockey down here in TX, we’re serious. 😉

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