Cupcake Hero Tees by Cakespy


I asked the brilliant Jessie of Cakespy if she would draw me a super cupcake as a possible tattoo. She so awesomely said yes. They drawings came out super cute. So, I asked her if she could pop the images onto tee-shirts in her Cafepress Shop. Again, she said yes. Here they are!



Thanks Jessie for the wicked super cupcake hero images. They kick ass! I will be buying several.
This got me thinking, would you guys like me to put up a Cupcake Hero shop where you can buy CH tees and stuff ?


14 thoughts on “Cupcake Hero Tees by Cakespy

  1. joy- My next tattoo appt is on March 8. I am supposed to get a cover-up done on my foot. The tat just hasnt held up in the past 10 years. (that statement makes me feel ancient.) But, I am unsure if he can cover it up without covering a large amount of skin real estate. Im also unsure if I want him to cover my whole foot and possibly onto my leg. We will see. If the cover-up falls through I have one other in mind that I have wanted for a while. The cupcake would be after that, and I have no idea where I would put it.

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