Saturday Confessional…

I am not a morning person.

Before we had offspring, Jaos and I would sleep in every weekend. Sometimes, we would get up in time for lunch, eat lunch and go back to bed till dinner. We were bums, I loved it. I love to sleep. I mean I love it.

In high school my very serious and dorky Guidance Counselor asked me what I wanted to do with my life. My response, “I would like to test mattresses.” He did not find this at all humorous. He gave me a package for Community College and sent me on my way, disgusted.

Times have changed. With the offspring, I am up by 8am. I know I should be grateful. Some kids get up way, way earlier than that. However, I long for the day when Jaos and I can once again sleep in. I miss my weekend sleep marathons.
Okay, time to start the coffee to get me out of my Saturday morning funk.


15 thoughts on “Saturday Confessional…

  1. Saturday confessional: I am a morning person.
    I like to sleep too but I usually wake up on average around 6-630 every morning, even weekends. Its automatic. I can’t control it. I need help… hehe.

  2. You need help like a large turkey dinner and a club to the head CB.

    Weekends should be for snoozing in! This is especially true this morning when I had to get up early because D is doing work from home. Blech.

  3. CB, that’s just gross. I’m most definitely not a morning person either. The hubby still hasn’t learned to not talk to me in the morning when I wake up. He’s just getting off of work then and is wired & acts silly. He can’t figure out why I grumble. But I get major headaches if I sleep TOO much. Did you never get those during your sleep marathons Slush?

  4. You know… I’m not a morning person, yet I’m not a night owl. Although, lately, I’ve been pretty much an insomniac. I think I am best at twilight.

    And, slush, you sure showed your guidance counselor! You have a legion of cupcake heros! Now that’s saying something!

  5. I have to admit, I’m with CB. I’m a morning person. I love the morning. The sun, the birds, the coffee. But if I ever try hard to sleep really late, I get that too much sleep headache. That’s the worse! And how is that even possible?

  6. I’m not a morning person either. My ENTIRE family and friend know not to call until AFTER noon because they know I might still be asleep. LOL I can sleep, wake up to eat or use the potty, then off to bed. I used to always tell my mom if I found a job where I could get paid to sleep, I’d give her a million dollars. She said she has faith that I will find something. She wants her money! HAHA!

  7. I go through phases with this, but unless over-tired or sick, I usually can’t sleep past 8:30 or 9:00 on the weekends, otherwise I’m just groggy all day and don’t feel productive. No matter when I go to bed, I feel best if I sleep for 7 – 7.5 hours.

  8. I don’t covet sleeping… I’m a morning person. When the sun comes up, I’m up! Today I was up at 3am and headed downtown for the 5:45am start of the LA Marathon Acura Bike Tour… a 22 mile bicycle challenge along the route of the marathon. Incredible ride, incredible event, 15,000+ participants. I finished by 7:15am and was ready to do it all again 🙂

    I do envy those who are champion sleepers… I just can’t emulate them 😉

    Oh, btw, did you ever name your new MacBook?

  9. I’m glad to hear of another person who has a child who awakens at 8 rather than 5. Of course in our house, this also means that since age 3 months, bedtime has been at 9 or 10, instead of 6 or 7. I’ll take the extra hours in the morning, ANYTIME!

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