Baby Cupcake Hero Winnah!


I want to start by apologizing for my slackness with announcing the winner of Cupcake Hero: Project Baby. It certainly was not due to the lack of excitement I had about the event. It was because I am a total doofus. We forgot our camera at home on our trip to celebrate Colby’s 1st Birthday. Who does that? Who forgets their camera on a BIRTHDAY? I do, that’s who. I was scrambling to get photos from cell phones to post.

Without further ado, Colby on his 1st Birthday…





And Tub Time…


And the contenders for this event were….


Leigh of Lemon Tartlet with Key Lime Pirate Cupcakes. My boys would looove these. If Liam chooses a pirate theme for his next bday, its on baby! Thanks Leigh!


Tammy of Wee Treats by Tammy baked Banana Custard Cupcakes. Custard in a cupcake is a genius idea. So very smart. I love the cute little stars on top, so cowboy looking. Too cute! Thanks Tammy!


Karen of Do Better baked what is a family tradition in their home, an Angel Food Cake Cupcake topped with Chocolate Frosting. Chocolate and 1st birthdays seem to go hand in hand. Its the best choice because its the messiest! Thanks Karen!


Michelle of Clever Cupcakes baked Funfetti Cupcakes with Grape Kool-Aid Frosting. I knew immediately the kids would love this. I mean, it has KID written all over it. Well done Michelle, well done.

For this challenge, I let my 5 year old son Liam choose. It was not shocking to me what he did. He said “Colby should have the Funfetti Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting.” I said “Well, thats not an option.” He said “So what, your baking them, make it happen.” Such a smartass for being 5, eh? But, that’s just what I did. I made the Funfetti Cupcakes by Michelle with the Chocolate Frosting by Karen.

Michelle AND Karen, you WIN Baby Cupcake Hero!!!

However, since there were 4 entries, and I loved ALL your recipes and will totally make them for the boys, I am going to give prizes to all. I am unsure what still. But, you will all get something. Please send me your snail mail address to superslush AT gmail DOT com. Mystery prizes are the best anyway. 😉

Thanks so much for sending your entries in. As you can see, Colby totally loved the cupcakes. Thank you for making his 1st Birthday extra special! xo


14 thoughts on “Baby Cupcake Hero Winnah!

  1. zebe912

    I really wish I’d had time to enter this one in addition to the regular CH. I can’t see the pictures for some reason…I keep getting an error. I wanna see frosting fly!

  2. aaaaaahhhh, Colby is too adorable! =)
    I love the picture where someone is sticking a cupcake in his mouth.
    I wish people would feed me cupcakes like that!

  3. He’s so cute! Congrats Michelle and Karen! That pic of the cupcake with Salt, Pepper, and Paprika is so adorable it ain’t even funny. Chocolate and Funfetti is such a perfect choice, before long Liam will be beating everybody in the baking events!

  4. Allison- Thank you, I wish someone would feed me some days too. 😉

    Michelle- Thanks babe!

    lemontartlet- I hope Liam does get into cooking, I think that would be awesome!

    clevercupcakes- He really did enjoy them, as did we all. Thank you!

    CB- I know, I know I have 3 kids, hard to keep them straight. 😛

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