Do you wanna be in The Crew?



Cupcake Hero has some very exciting things in the works. They shall unfold very, very soon. These new, super exciting things force me to get organized. Something I am not very good at, I admit. So, here is what I need from you. If you participate in Cupcake Hero every month, or just looove all things Cupcake Hero, please sign up to be part of The Crew. It will only take a few seconds. Then, you will be privy to all upcoming offers, promotions and prizes that Cupcake Hero has to give.

 Come on, you know you want to be part of The Crew. 😉

 Click here to sign-up kids!


15 thoughts on “Do you wanna be in The Crew?

  1. kate- Things coming up will require a mailing address. I understand not wanting to give out your personal information. But, I want you to know that I will be the only one viewing the information. No one else will have access to it. And I would never, ever give the information out to anyone, ever.

  2. I would actually love to be part of the crew, but alas at the moment, I have 2 jobs that have me working everyday =( I barely got the cupcakes this month done yesterday before work, and iced today before work. But, I should be dropping on in 1 – 2 plan on still doing cupcake hero, and if the option to be on crew is still available once I drop said Job…I am so there =)

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