Cupcake Hero Giveaway Reminder


Reminder, the Theme Ingredient Giveaway will be Monday, March 17th at 10pm EST! The theme ingredient for April is Blake Makes Peanut Butter Dulce de Leche. The box filled with the 4oz jars came yesterday. WOOT! It took all I had not to crack into one of the jars and eat it with a spoon or slather it on some toast. This is some seriously good stuff. You do NOT want to miss it. If you have not signed up yet, please sign up to be part of The Crew. You need to be part of the The Crew to be eligible for this giveaway, hop to kids!

On March 17th at 10pm EST, I will announce the PBDDL Giveaway. It will be first come, first serve, and limited quantities are available.

The following rules apply:

  • You have to own a blog
  • You have use the PBDDL in your Cupcake Hero entry for April
  • You have to give Blake some love when you fall in love with the PBDDL, and you will.

I want to thank those who have chipped in for shipping charges! If you would like to toss a few bucks my way for shipping charges, please click here. I would be extremely grateful! xo


12 thoughts on “Cupcake Hero Giveaway Reminder

  1. hey slush, aka cupcake queen, aka kitchen goddess, aka holder of the CCH key (have a sucked up enough yet).

    what’s the story for those of us who live in a land of vast custom restrictions? can we in australia make our own and have a go too? i know everyone else needs to use blake’s, and there’s a limit to how many jars you have. what can i say: CCH tragic!

  2. Just to clarify…as long as we’ve already signed up as part of the crew, all we have to do now is wait anxiously to pounce on your “announcement post” Monday, right? As long as we’re on your list, then it is first comment, first served, correct?

  3. boringhistorygirl- I heard from one AUS resident, they didnt think it would be a problem. Hopefully it will not be a problem.

    zebe912- You got it!

  4. Dang it I just reread it and saw its at 10pm eastern =( I have to work til that time tonight..sigh.. Well as soon as I get home, will try to see if there are any left. If not I will wait patiently for the next one in may..

  5. Oh no! The time was changed?!?!?! I thought it was 8pm! *whines* But I’m stuck in the PR mountains! this is NOT fair. *sniffles and stuff and wonders if she can manage to be on at 10* Oh, the things I had to do to get here…….

    fine…. fine…. */whine*

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