Blake Makes PBDDL Giveaway!



Okay kids, the moment you have all been waiting for. We are giving away 20(ish) jars of Blake Makes Peanut Butter Dulce de Leche. This will be the theme ingredient for April’s Cupcake Hero. Comment quickly and you could be a winner of a 4oz jar of this delicious stuff. And I mean it is seriously awesome stuff. Blake is going to make a fortune when he takes his PBDDL to the big leagues.

If you are not a member of The Crew (Slackers!!), go do that now! You must be a member to be eligible for this giveaway!

Rules are as follows:

  • You have to own a blog
  • You have use the PBDDL in your Cupcake Hero entry for April
  • You have to give Blake some love when you fall in love with the PBDDL, and you will.

Thanks to everyone who has donated money for shipping charges, you guys rock!!! If you would like to donate some coinage for my shipping bill, please click here. I would be extremely thankful! xo

* If you are an international Crew member, send me an email after you comment, we will work something out. šŸ™‚ superslush AT gmail DOT com


46 thoughts on “Blake Makes PBDDL Giveaway!

  1. Oh, me me! I’m a little late and you already have a lot, but I’m trying anyway. šŸ˜‰

    I am not a member but I plan on signing up as soon I’m done posting… thanks!

  2. Oh the joys of living in the Uk – I will always miss out on these postings due to unfortunately needing sleep but wanted to join in the fun posting anyway – Happy Baking everyone!

  3. I have the flu and tried to log on last night to leave a comment… but thanks to the Nyquil…I didn’t get very far – OOPS….here is to hoping that I still made it *as she takes another shot of Nyquil*

  4. So anyway for us to buy a jar from Mr. Blake so we can still play with you all?? and hehe give me a day I wanna donate to shipping, just need pay day to show up lol.

  5. Howtoeatacupcake- When I do the official announcement of the theme ingredient at the beginning of April, I will give more info on what to do if you were not one of the people to win a jar. K? šŸ™‚

  6. i’m so glad that there’s an alternative ingredient for the april challenge because living on the other side of the planet means that i’m never gonna be awake to post in time to win anything…sob sob

  7. so no PBDDL?!? *sniffle* but i’m addicted… I *need* CH ;). Boo! Le sigh. That’s what I get for not checking everyday, I suppose. Didn’t even see this until today.

    Oh well!

    Looking forward to the “alternative” ingredient…

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