After the 1st sitting…


This is just after the first sitting. I go back the first week in May to have it finished.

3 baby birds in their nest, all waiting to be fed. That sums up my life right now. I think its going to be a wicked tattoo when its done. I already cant wait to go back to have it finished.



12 thoughts on “After the 1st sitting…

  1. Looks good!!! Will it be a lot bigger that is couldn’t go all in one sitting?? I have another sitting scheduled for May, another 4 hours and I don’t think my tattoo will be done by then 🙂 Big koi carp covering the right half of my back.

  2. noskos- Cant wait to see pics of the finished tat!

    Caitlin- Aww, its not so bad. No worse than going to the dentist. 😉

    Aamena- Thank ya!

    cakespy- Thanks! We are more than pleased with his work. I am so glad we found him here in the ‘burgh.

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