The Pens are in the Playoffs!


That’s right kids, the Pens clinched a playoffs spot last night with a shut-out over the Devils. Malkin, Malone and Sykora have been on fire. Fleury looks to be ready. Sid should be coming back. Hoping GR will be back, too. Our team looks wicked. Good times. 🙂



4 thoughts on “The Pens are in the Playoffs!

  1. do you like hockey? wow. You hide it so well… haha. Congrats to your Pens! I admit to knowing nothing about hockey. Only thing I know is that we got the Ducks.

  2. sarah

    Congrats! I’m still waiting for some of the West teams to decide that they want to be in the playoffs (looking at YOU–Dallas, Minnesota, and Colorado!) Edmonton’s making a late run–I DON’T want Vancouver in at all. (Is it sad that I told a guy wearing a Canucks jersey that Vancouver sucks? Why was he wearing it down here in Texas?)

    ::oh…and Geno is adorable::

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