Saturday Confessional…

I am on the verge of blog burn out.
So much to do, so little time.
Slap me back into reality, would ya? I’ve got cupcakes to make!

11 thoughts on “Saturday Confessional…

  1. Sorry you’re feeling over whelmed! I’d help with the baking if I could! My ever expanding waist line is a testament to my love of cupcakes! Hope you received my entry for the marshmallow event.

  2. I ::SMACK:: b/c I love.
    I hear ya. I have to say that my usual fervor for IHC (and blogging in general) is waining. I need a crunkcake pick me up. 😉

  3. Oh I thought it was just me not feeling like blogging. You could make your cupcakes and ship them to me. Clara can tell you how. Actually don’t. Life on the couch is boring and I’m having a tough time rationing my medicinal chocolate. All hell might break loose if I had cupcakes.

  4. It seems to be going around… is it the blahs or is it something else? I don’t know… but I’ve been backposting the month of march like crazy! But I’m almost caught up… I’m only like a week behind instead of 3 like I was before!

    So *smack* hop to it! Just take it a post at a time, who cares about order. If you think about it too much, you won’t get it done.

  5. I find that it always helps to weed through my subscriptions, to get rid of some which I honestly intend to read, but that I never get to (BBC News Scotland), or to get rid of some that I’ve lost interest in (SFGate’s Technology Blog). Cleaning out the subscriptions to just those that I’m really into seems to drive away the ‘chore’ aspect of reading, and also of writing. Being overwhelmed by the blogosphere isn’t uncommon, and that’s the best way I’ve found to get over it.


  6. slush

    Davimack- Thanks for the advice! I do need to clean out my Reader. Badly.

    cisforcupcake- Thanks! Ill get over it. Just having one of those days.

    CB- Thanks babe!

    Katie- Glad Im not the only one. 🙂

    noskos- ha! Thats good stuff!

    Mary- I hope you are feeling a tad better babe!

    bombshell- It may be the blahs?

    Rachel- Thanks for permission, I needed it!

  7. hey… watssup with the category u created? ‘i suck’ ?!?! my gosh.. u’re doing a great job yeh. Perhaps a bit of an overload. but u’re good at it and on top of tt a perfectionist. so hang in there!

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