Daring Bakers Perfect Party Cake



This month’s DB Challenge is a Dorie! And you all know how I feel about Dorie. This would have been a double Dorie week for me, had I made the Caramel-Topped Flan. Alas, I did not. (Again, Sorry Steph!) I will also admit, I almost bailed on this DB Challenge. I’ll come totally clean, because we are friends, right? Right? I am sad to say, I am far too busy when it comes to blogging events. Sometimes it feels like a job. Ewwww. Something has to give. Seriously. Something has to give. I have a feeling that something may be DB. Why? Because, the other 2 blogging events that keep me hopping are both managed by me. (And my helpful friends of course. Chelle, TW, Joy, Nikki and CB, dont think I wouldn’t give you some cred.) Its beyond difficult to hide from your own events. I know, I know, poor me, whatev, I’ll shut my complaining trap. More on this later…

This month’s Daring Bakers Challenge is the Perfect Party Cake from Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan. My fav baking cookbook, of course. My good friend Chelle talked me into doing this challenge for her birthday. It was actually her real birthday when we made the cakes. I ended up having to halve the recipe because of a lack of eggs when I set forth to bake this cake. That left me in a pickle because I didn’t have a pan the size I needed to make a mini layer cake. I decided I would make due with cupcakes and layer those, shortcake style.


The recipe is easy to follow. Directions are great. I decided to take the cake in an orange direction rather than lemon. Only reasoning behind that was that I had an orange on hand, and no lemon. So orange it was! The cake was lovely. Very orangy, light, spongy, just delightful. I will totally make the cake again. For the buttercream, see the above note on lack of eggs. Le sigh. I ended up making regular buttercream, adding orange zest to flavor it and then using the raspberry jam as the fruity portion. The cakes came together easily, albeit messy to eat. Overall, I want to try it again with the buttercream recipe in the book. My regular buttercream was entirely too sweet for the cake. It was overpowering. I think I am plain over regular buttercream. Its just to sweet for me now. I never thought I would say that! Luckily, I will have the chance to try this recipe again when some lovely Tuesdays with Dorie member picks it as the recipe of the week. Can’t wait to give it another go!

Thanks to Morven for picking a lovely cake. You can find the recipe by clicking over to her blog. Thanks to DB, as always. You ladies rock for keeping this massive group in line!


54 thoughts on “Daring Bakers Perfect Party Cake

  1. I was thinking of doing perfect party minicakes but I decided to go for the full gusto and make the whole darn cake. haha. I hear ya about too many blog commitments. Its fun but definitely time consuming. I have a feeling that I’ll have to reach that time when I’ll have to cut back too. boo.

  2. These look like those cute little baby cakes I make a couple of weeks ago! Great idea for this cake recipe. It was absolutely delicious and I knew it would be good with orange. Cheers!

  3. At one point I wanted to do every blog challenge out there…but I made a deal with myself…only one a month. It’s just very hard to chose that one!

  4. Wish you were feeling the pinch of events and “have-to’s” since that certainly makes things no fun. Your cakes look tasty – I went with orange flavor as well! I was hoping to do the mini cake style, but it just didn’t happen for me. Hope everyone enjoyed these! Great job! Now relax!! 🙂

  5. Rachel- They were suspect, as my kids always are with something new. Jam in cake was a new concept for them. Brody ate all the frosting off, that was that.

    CB- Yeah its very sad to realize I cannot do it all! I am no super mom.

    Nemmie- Thanks!

    kellypea- Yes, the orange was fab, I will def make the cake again.

    Mrs L- I think I need to break a deal with myself too.

    KJ- Thanks!

    Dharm- Thanks. Mini cakes are always good!

    foodie froggy- Thanks!

    Gretchen- I wish I could relax, one of my fatal flaws! LOL

  6. Too Cute!! They look great and so yummy, and I fully agree, with so much going on its so hard to get things in =(. Am glad you pulled off the challenge!!

  7. I think cupcakes was a great idea. My personal preference is individual desserts. Am glad you were coerced into completing the challenge!! The little cakes look adoreable!

  8. What adorable cupcakes!! I love them! I was so tempted to do cupcakes with this recipe, but in the end did the whole cake. I’ve found a new favourite with this and I think next time I just may try the cupcake route, yours look so fabulous!

  9. Love the cupcake approach and the orange flavoring. I understand about the blogging activity. Now I choose the events that fit into my normal cooking/baking schedule, although lately I seem to be making an abundance of desserts…..

  10. Erin

    I love the idea of the orange flavor and your cupcake version. You are amazing with everything that you do! Great job on the cake!

  11. You are brilliant to make these like cupcakes! Of course then I would never stop eating them! Yours really look delicious! (and I’m really glad you didn’t bail on the DBs)

  12. Mini-cakes are always special! At first I couldn’t figure out why it would be messy to eat, I am the one who eats cookies with a fork, after all, then I thought that perhaps it was being eaten sans fork?

    Oh, I concur. I fell in love with Swiss meringue buttercream after the realization that I wasn’t going into a sugar-coma!

  13. I totally am with you on the blogging events. There are so many, so many I want to do, and not enough time to make them, or heck, even eat the results of them!
    I like the idea of the cupcake/shortbread version and may try that next time.

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