Is this nerd food?


Good question. I have been mulling over what to make for my good friend, Leigh’s, event called The Not Only Breakfast Club. Basically, its “a clique based food challenge”. She picks the clique and then we make what we think that clique would eat. It is politically correct? Probably not. But, I love it. It gives me the chance to think back to high school….. Ahh…… Okay, enough thinking back. I am so glad I don’t have to live through those years again.


This months clique of choice is “Nerds”. I had trouble with this one. I didn’t really fall into that category in school. I have watched enough movies to have the general idea. I wanted to go with peanut butter and jelly with the crusts cut off. However, TW beat me to it. Thaaaanks TW! (I’m rolling my eyes at you right now, you just can’t see it.) I have pondered this one a while. It might be a stretch. My thoughts are, smart people are considered nerds (?), and smart people hang out in libraries and book stores. Book stores have coffee shops. And coffee shops sell biscotti and scones. Pretty much I think the nerdy kids beat the high school kids to knowing what was cool. The cool kids didn’t catch on to the coffee shop thing till college, but those smarty pants nerdy kids had been doing for years by then. (This is all based on where I grew up, in East Bumblefuck. Take that into consideration.)

Is it a stretch? Probably. But thats my story and I am totally sticking to it. Afterall, its about supporting my friend’s event. I am doing that. So shut up if you don’t like it!! πŸ˜›

I used a new scone recipe, as to make something “new”. I found it on, by the master, Alton Brown. I think I actually liked it better than my go-to recipe. It is flakier than the one I usually use, which was a nice surprise. I normally bake them into the scone triangle, but followed Alton’s directions to cut them into biscuit sized rounds. I think we all liked the size and shape better, too! Score!


For the biscotti, I used a recipe I found on David Lebovitz’s blog. I omitted the black pepper, because that just sounded odd to me. It makes 50 cookies, so if I didnt like the pepper, thats a lot of cookies to find homes for. I use my new favorite cocoa powder in them from Askinosie Chocolate. Im bummed to say that I am out now. I so need to place an order this week. Its damn good stuff. I drizzled some dark chocolate and white chocolate over the biscotti when they were cool, because I felt they needed a tad more sweetness. We ate them all. Well, there are 3 left. They will find their way into a tummy today, I promise you.

Check out Leigh’s event here. Its such a cute idea! You have till April 19th. The scone recipe can be found here and the chocolate biscotti recipe here.


16 thoughts on “Is this nerd food?

  1. freaking fabulous explanation. Totally makes sense to me. Now to think about what I will make… Contrary to popular belief I was a nerd back in the day. I know… crazy but Its true! haha

  2. cakespy- YAY! I am finally cool! Even for a slight, passing second. πŸ˜›

    April- Thanks! I liked both recipes and will make them again. The biscotti was awesome bc it was a one bowl recipe, which I love.

    CB- Glad it makes sense, I was worried. No way, I dont believe it, you a nerd? Never.

  3. Well, I think you are probably right about nerds. For example, I am a nerd. A giant nerdy really. And today I’ve been laying on the couch watching the Tigers home opener and reading Jane Eyre. Less nerdy people would be doing better things while stuck on the couch, maybe knitting perhaps, but I don’t know how to do that. That said, I was just sitting here thinking to myself that a nice cup of coffee and a cookie would be fabulous right now. Allright I’m lying, I thought a scone, but I’m reading Jane Eyre so that should be allowed. I can believe you were never a nerd, but your baked goodies look super yummy!

  4. I can hardly dis Alton … but I’m thinking that Nerds didn’t really eat all that well, when it came down to it. Or, rather, they did: whatever their mothers made, to put into their lunch boxes (when everybody else was carrying a lunch bag) (and that lunch box would probably be a Little Playmate, kinda like an Igloo, but … well, Nerdier) (I speak from experience, unfortunately).

  5. Nikki- Thanks, I love when people agree with me.

    Mary- I wasn exactly in the cool crowd either. I considered myself a wanderer. Never nailed down to one group. I did nerdy stuff, like “manage” a sports team instead of actually play the sport, took all the arts classes I was allowed. But, I was a cheerleader. Apparently, that nixes everything else.

    Davimack- Thank you for the insight. I had no packed lunch. Mostly because my Mom was not going to be bothered with it. We were lucky if she remembered to leave1 money on the table for us to buy lunch. (Sorry Mom, but its true!)

    Michelle- You so need to make them. They are soooo good!

  6. Bwahahahahaha~ you can roll your eyes all you want hotstuff. The fact that you mentioned my nerd boyfriend Alton is making me swoon. And anything that can be eaten with coffee is excellent nerd food! We always hung out at Denny’s and had deep philosophical conversations late into the early next morning (coffee and nachos for the record, but I slathered my nachos with mashed potatos). We decided that The Hitchhiker’s Guide is in fact the best book ever and that Harry and Sally would have NEVER ended up together.

  7. I’m going to have to say – it’s a stretch. But I think you totally redeemed yourself by calling upon the ultimate nerd, Alton Brown. So basically, 10 points πŸ™‚

  8. hmmmm nerd I always cooked ribs for my hubby’s lan parties LOL …didn’t think they were nerdy πŸ˜‰ May have to think about this one and see if I can come up with something, yours looks sooo yummy!!!

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