The Pens are Division Champs!




Oh yeah baby! The Pens beat the Flyers 4-2 in the last home game of the season. This win won them their first division title in 10 years. It was extra sweet since it was against the Flyers. If you are in to hockey, you know that the rivalry between the ‘burgh and Philly runs deep. Last night was no exception to the intense hockey always played against these 2 teams. Cheap shots against Sid were present. Fights, scrums, you name it. Hard to pick out who played best. Geno, Sid, Gonch, and Hossa all racked up points. The Flower was on fire. Awesome game. I was sad that I did not get to go.  Hard finding a sitter for 3 little boys!!! Liam and Jaos thoroughly enjoyed it though. I look forward to the call that our half season tickets are available. The waiting list was 800 people long when we signed up. Might be waiting till the new arena is open.*sigh


Last game of the season is in Philly on Sunday. It will be a good one.  War times good. Philly isnt in the playoffs yet. They will be desperate. Good times.


*First pic courtesey of ThePensBlog.  


3 thoughts on “The Pens are Division Champs!

  1. Woot! Go Pens! We used to go to games all the time in college (I went to Duquesne – we could walk down to the arena and get student tickets), and the ones against the Flyers were always the best!!

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