I am not slacking for once…


I am STILL waiting on my boxes to arrive to ship out April’s CH ingredient, Blake Makes PBDDL. I did not forget about you lucky devils who won a jar! Its just taking a hell of a long time for my boxes to arrive. Soon as they get here, Ill be shipping them out. Promise. Don’t fret, I will adjust the deadline for April so that everyone has plenty of time.

The Cupcake Hero staff is working itself to the bone trying to pick a Marshmallow winner. This month is kind of driving us insane. We have baked all week, but still are no closer. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. We promise to pick a winner soon. Even if that winner is picked out of a hat. πŸ˜‰


7 thoughts on “I am not slacking for once…

  1. OH good. The longer you take to get out the PBDD the more time I have to heal. That means that I maybe just might finally be off crutches by the time the deadline rolls around. Whoopee!
    I hope I won a jar. I’m insanely curious about the PBDD.
    Oh and my panties remain unbunched.

  2. have just realised that my blog’s not on the crew blog roll. maybe i didn’t sign up properly, will try again right now! please let me know how much money you need for the PBDDL shipping!!!!!

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