Saturday Confessional…


I am a carnivore.

Its true. I am a total meat lover. I have not enjoyed or even liked or even tolerated green vegetables my entire life. Its been a topic of much discussion in my life time. Many a dinner table conversation revolved around this issue. And I mean the big family gathering type dinner table discussions. You know, with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. Nothing like having them all stare at you like your a total freak. It was kind of humiliating. At some point I was able to shut them out. Shrug my shoulders and let them discuss it like they weren’t talking about me anymore. I think the mockery stopped when I turned 20 or so. Or, maybe it was once I had my first child. They stopped making it a topic of conversation.

What quirk does your family like to pick at?

20 thoughts on “Saturday Confessional…

  1. Ha ha – I would have to confess the same thing. I have great respect for vegetarians – I would die of starvation! The only thing I craved during this last pregnancy was steak. My family think I am weird because I hate salad. I’m trying to learn to like it, but it is an uphill battle. Oh well!

  2. I personally love vegetables, but I think if they’re cooked “wrong” that they’re nasty. And my mom can kill most vegetables.
    My family loves to have huge discussions about how clumsy I am. This has now spread from my family to my husband’s family. They all can’t seem to understand how I can possibly hurt myself so much. Like I try. Sheesh. I’d rather they made fun of me for not liking vegetables.

  3. Well #1 – I hate vegetables as well. So you have a friend.

    As far as what my family picks on me about, well that’s just too broad a topic to narrow down 😉 When my sister and husband get together they tease me mercilessly, about everything and anything they can think of. They feed off each other and have a grand old time. Luckily my mom always has my back 😉

  4. Holly- SOOOO glad I am not the only one. Us carnivores need to stick together!!

    Mary- I know I am an oddball, but its ok. I am klutz too.

    Chelle- YAY! Love the vegetable haters! LOL

  5. We’re total carnivores, but we love veggies, too. Sorry. There’s NOTHING like tomatoes & basil with a splash of lemon and olive oil, or mushrooms sauteed in garlic. Wait. Are mushrooms veggies? And I don’t know if “picking” is the right term, but I think my family has always thought I was the snob or what my gramma would call someone with “a champagne appetite on a beer pocketbook.” Whatever.

  6. The family likes to say that I’m “dramatic” when I tell a story, as they dramatically roll their eyes. And then go on to tell melodramatic stories. Whatev. *giggle*

  7. kellypea- I am so with ya on the tomatoes. Love them. I dont consider them a veg. Mushrooms eh. But they arent really a veg either. And we probably have that same beer pocketbook.

    LT- LOL Sounds like my fam.

  8. My one oddity that gets picked on – my ability to eat a dozen cookies in one sitting. At least. My stomach is a bottomless pit when it comes to sweets, and nothing is too saccharine. In fact, I am currently eating my seventh Ghirardelli 60% dark chocolate square. And I’m planning on making cookies tonight. So I guess I’m fair game?

  9. Cyd

    My husband and kids tease me about how my cooking has to be perfect! My parents and brother and sister teased me about being a klutz. The story of me spilling a serving platter full of fried chicken in the kitchen floor just before taking it to the dining table for an extended family dinner is still one of their favorites. My favorite part is my Mom, who is very germ consious, picked all the chicken up, put it back on the platter, and calmly served it to all the relatives without saying a word!

  10. badhuman

    Our family thinks we are bit weird being so “green” which is rather unfortunate. Little stuff like recycling are fine but the idea that we don’t want to send or receive cards or presents wrapped in paper or that we are growing a garden in our apartment get us very weird looks.

  11. I hate carrots! There is, of course, a traumatic story about how my mother forced me to eat them at a dinner party with terrible results. But it is amazing how apparently offensive NOT eating carrots is to almost everyone I know. I get teased all the time…

  12. Wanting a farm and working to live off grid are prime targets for getting made fun of, lol. D and me just nod and smile and listen to how funny we are and how it ain’t really something they think we can manage, and go back to reading and learning and practicing.

  13. Caitlin- Wicked sweet tooth here too. Shamefully so.

    Karen- We have 3 boys, they just arent old enough to have th disgusting dinner table talk. Im waiting though, I know its coming.

    Cyd- Awww, I have spilled my fair share of stuff too. I am so clumsy.

    boringhistorygirl- HA!

    Jennifer Moore- My fam has tried my whole life, but no luck.

    badhuman- Thats awesome, good for you!

    Anne- I dont like carrots either, Im with ya.

    LT- While its not something I could ever do, I find it admirable. I cant wait to hear all about it.

    Rachel- YAY! Its nice to find some fellow carnivores!

  14. I eat the crust first on my pizza, my dad can’t stand that. I used to not eat pizza in the same room as him when I was younger so I could eat the crust first.

  15. I won’t eat the “skin” on a baked ham. I politely cut it off and leave it on the side of my plate. When my DH and I first started dating we were “so lucky” to eat ham at his parents house on Easter. His uncle noticed what I was doing and it ended up being like an hour long conversation about if eating the skin was like eating a football, lol!

  16. Everyone always picks on me for adding bacon to practically everything (I think that’s an exaggeration though I do love bacon!)

    What’s up with all the meat-haters?

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