Package from Cali…


Weeks ago, I received a package from Cali. From the lovely, wonderful and CH loyalist Judy of Judy’s Gross Eats. It was a Blogging by Mail package. (My apologies to Judy for not posting about this sooner.) Stephanie of Dispensing Happiness organizes the whole deal and connects people from all over to send boxes from your area to somewhere else. I was slack and sent mine a taaad late. But, it is enroute now and should be there soon. Have no fear BBM buddy, its on its way!

Back to my awesome package from Judy. My kids were chomping at the bit to open the box. Its like Christmas here every time a package comes. They cannot wait to see what is inside. Judy packed the box full of sweet, thoughtful items. My favorite being a cupcake wall hanging that Judy made herself. I adore it. And it is hanging in my kitchen right now.

Also in the box:

  • cookie cutters
  • a bar of Dagoba chocolate
  • alphabet pasta
  • biscuit cutters
  • Jack Daniels Whisky Pralined Pecans
  • cupcake liners
  • adorable napkins
  • cupcake stencils
  • cupcake sprinkles
  • curd and jam
  • St. Patty’s Green Cocoa mix
  • cupcake wall hanging

Thank you so much for the thoughtful package Judy! I adored every single item in the box. And thanks to Stephanie for putting together such a cool event.


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