Saturday Confessional


I often snack a little bit in bed before going to sleep. Horrible habit, I know, I know. Currently, the snack of choice comes from a jar of cadbury mini eggs sitting on my side table. When the sweet tooth hits late at night, I open the jar, lean it on my thigh, snack from said jar and peruse the net. Harmless right? One would think so. But twice, yes twice this week, one mini egg must have escaped. I woke up twice this week, yes twice, with cadbury egg melted and fused to my leg. The shell does not hold up when in contact with heat for a long period apparently. The shell gives and lets the chocolate ooze all over. The shell then digs into what it comes into contact with. In this case, that would be my leg. You would think that I learned my lesson after the first time. I am thick headed, so no, no I did not. You would think that I learned my lesson the second time. Nope,  I did not. I sit here right now, with the jar of cadbury mini eggs leaning against my thigh, as I type this in bed. I refuse to let these mini eggs beat me. They will not win this battle.

There are only a few left in the jar. 😉


14 thoughts on “Saturday Confessional

  1. Toast is my thing!!! mostly in the mornings but it still gets crumbs in the bed and then I hate lying on them at night time so I try to push them over to my husbands side and he pushes them back!! tee hee hee eventually they end up on the floor!!1 Must stop eating toast in bed!

  2. Those mini-eggs are my FAVORITE. And know what you’re talking about. They totally do soften up, Funny image though about you having it stuck on your leg, haha.

  3. Don’t they get on the sheets? I’ve been sleeping under a quilt my mom makes and I accidentally got some chocolate on it and I’m freaking out that it won’t come out. Maybe I’m the weirdo that I love my sheets/ bedding so much…

  4. Haha I think my husband would have a meltdown if I had any type of food in bed. He haaaaaaaaaates crumbs. And of course I’m pretty good at making crumbs out of anything 😉

  5. ditto chelle. No food allowed in bed but… I have been known to fall asleep on road trips with food (candy, chips) stuck to my thighs when I doze off. LOL.

  6. Well, since my dining table was knocked over by my housemate… I either have to sit on my bed to eat or eat at the tiny island in the kitchen. Since the kitchen is hot… I sit in bed to enjoy my meals. I do not worry about wayword food, my cow gets them. Cats are awesome at finding crumbs.

  7. definitely white chocolate.. gosh.. wake up the next day and find everyone staring at me accusing about the missing chocolate snack bar. *gulps*.

  8. i am famed across the land for being able to get anything and everything i eat i spilt down my front. even if i’m sitting at a table eating something totally un-spillable like, i don’t know, pappadams or something, i still manage to end up with stains on my top. i’ve tried hard to wash them out, but now just choose to ignore them. so eating chocolate in bed would be a total no-no for me!!!

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