When Blogging feels like a job…


As of late..I have felt like blogging is my job. Well my 2nd job, 1st being feeding, clothing, bathing the boys. And breaking up the daily fights between them. I think the littlest may be the toughest. Hes gunna be a scrapper. Anyway, I check my dash and approve comments. I try to come up with something witty to post but, with the Pens in the playoffs, I am way more interested in watching all that is hockey atm. Heading to the kitchen to bake another set of cupcakes, coffee cakes, brownies, scones or muffins has taken the backseat. So, to those who are waiting on a reply from me, for TWD or CH or in general, I give you a heart felt apology. I am doing my best to keep up with what little ambition I have to blog right now.

My questions to you are.. does blogging ever feel like your job? What do YOU do when you have the blogging funk? I wanna know… really, I do… Maybe I can take some tips from you smarty pants and apply them and I will snap out of this funk asap.

xo~ GO PENS!


27 thoughts on “When Blogging feels like a job…

  1. blogging never feels like my job, because i don’t really post that often and i don’t have any world famous events to manage (like someone…). but sometimes the thought of it bores me, so i just ignore my blog and everyone else’s too for a week or so. i’d say the only remedy is to cheer on the pens and not feel guilty about it!

  2. I agree with Steph, blogging should be fun …a hobby or a nice distraction. That’s the reason I post no more than 3-4 times a month. It’s too much otherwise. Your personal life starts to suffer. And when I go on vacation or am away from home …no posts at all. Laurie, You should post “from the archives” until you get you mojo back. We would all understand and we appreciate all the hard work you do. (ie. Cupcake Hero, events, and Tuesdays with Dorie) Take a break girl, you deserve it! πŸ™‚

  3. Being fairly new to blogging it has never felt like a chore or a struggle to think of something to post. Occasionally we are just to tired at the end of a day so I’ll find a cool link or a picture that I took and love and call that my “post” It takes the pressure off of having to writing something witty and interesting everyday.

  4. Even though blogging is my hobby, and I choose to not get paid for my “work,” I am aware of an obligation to people who’ve subscribed or people who visit regularly. Because of this, it’s easy to “overpost” and put undue pressure on myself to keep posting and posting and posting, regardless of what I’m actually saying or how it’s being said.

    I’ve developed a few “rules” for myself–don’t know if they will help you:
    1) Never post anything you’re unhappy with–if you don’t like your post, chances are others won’t.
    2) If you catch yourself drafting posts and then not publishing them because you aren’t happy with them, try and figure out what makes you unhappy. Is it because you feel you have to post, instead of you wanting to post? Is your voice changing in a way that makes you sound different to what you want?
    3) Keep a posting schedule that’s manageable to your life. Same goes for reading other blogs and checking comments.
    4) If RL gets in the way, just put up a post saying that life’s getting in the way and you need some time to attend to off-line things. You get a break and people won’t think you’ve abandoned your site. Get someone else to take up cupcake hero for a month, if necessary.
    5) Make sure you are cooking for your/your family’s taste more often than for another purpose. Yes, we all cook/bake for events, but if you feel that food prepping for your blog is taking over, then it is. And yes, some of us (memememe) will try and trick ourselves into believing we’re “multipurposing” the food when we serve post fodder, but I know I don’t enjoy the meal as much because I’m too busy composing the post in my head.

    But I think for you, what may help is to rediscover what brought you to blogging. Kinda like “rekindling the magic” (complete with bad imitation Barry White music)…

    Does that help at all? Email me if you wish.


  5. I don’t think it’s a chore so much. Although, I also think the knee surgery forced me to take it a little easier. I know it was a chore when I wasn’t able to carry anything or cook becuase I was on crutches. I think it would be a lot harder if I only posted baked goods too. I really don’t eat (well, bake) so many of them. For the next month I’m going back to posting mostly vegetables I think. I find posting about vegetables to be more motivating because that way I make sure that I make some vegetables to go with dinner every night. And I’m a dork and really like vegetables.
    I think I rambled and may not have been helpful at all. Sorry.

  6. There are days that I have blogger’s block. I want to write but I can’t come up with my usual wit so I step back and come back another day. There are other days where I know exactly what I wanna say and I swear smoke is coming out of my fingers! Its no surprise that those blog updates increase my stats. Just like Jasmine said: if you like to write ppl will like to read. I like all of Jasmine’s other suggestions too. Pretty much the way I try to live my blogging life. I totally understand if you need a break – Miss. TWD & CH. Just make sure you aren’t MIA from gchat too. I’d miss you too much πŸ˜‰

  7. Believe me, I know what you mean!!! I have just not had the blogging urge lately. It feels like work instead of fun. And strangely enough, work is actually fun lately, so I’m going to stay busy with my new job right now, and get back to blogging once I settle in at work enough that it gets boring again!

  8. Just take a break. Some weeks I’m not as into it and all I’ll post is TWD and nothing else will go up. I try to not go toooo long without posting so people don’t forget about me and think I fell off the face of the earth, but taking it easy here and there and just stepping back is necessary sometimes especially when you get yourself to a point that you’re posting stuff daily.

  9. I often go months without blogging, but when I’m in that mood, I just roll with it until I feel the urge to pick it up again. Modern life is so busy, I think we all sometime feel that we need to overextend ourselves in order to get everything done. I personally HATE the feeling of having to do something, and if I don’t feel like it, then I do my best to avoid doing whatever it is I don’t feel like doing. With exception to certain situations, like work and such.

    My advice:

    1. Say no
    2. Delegate
    3. Take time off until your fingers are itching for the keyboard

  10. I feel that way sometimes. I either give myself a break several days from posting or read more online to give me ideas on things to write about. One or the other usually works!

  11. I just hide from the internetz. And don’t really feel bad about it. You aren’t being paid for this sister. So no need to feel bad when you have nothing to post. You don’t owe anybody anything. Granted you might lose readers but I say just come to terms with that. Why did you start blogging in the first place? I just remind myself that I wanted to blog because I enjoy cooking/ baking and wanted an outlet to share that passion. I was starting to feel like I HAD to make something just for my blog and stressing out cause life has been hectic (well, that and I’m a spaz). So I hid for a few weeks. If you wanna take some time off I can practically guarantee the internetz will still be here when you get back. πŸ˜‰

  12. Amen Sista! πŸ˜‰ I’m not sure it really feels like a job (where’s the cash?) but it’s definitely a consuming (and fun) hobby… that come to think of it I’m trying to make into a job… hence the etsy shop w/ all the food photos… hmmm….

  13. Usually when I’m having some kind of “bloggers block” about what to write, I just post a few recent photos – my kids, the gardens, whatever – and leave it at that. Tomorrow’s another day. I also think that when I’m having trouble getting a post together, maybe it’s some other part of my brain trying to tell me to take a break. So sometimes I actually listen to my brain and just shut the laptop off for a day or two. It helps.

  14. if your not having fun, take a break and do what makes you happy. Before you know it, I’m sure some amazing idea will come to you that you can’t wait to share with the world:)

  15. Take care of RL and feel good about it. You should know that noone wants you to burn out. This is supposed to be fun and something for you (amongst all the momminess – and I have no idea if that is a word). When I find myself getting to crazy about it, I just try to step back and look around and see what else is going on in my world. Maybe there is a way to rotate more of the work with the events so that you aren’t getting so overwhelmed being an administrator that you don’t get to enjoy and join in the fun any more. Either way, whatever you have to do, just enjoy your real life and try not to worry about the rest. (Besides, you know we all love ya and will check back just to see how you are doing)!

  16. I can definitely relate to this. When life gets busy, I get really stressed out about finding the time to visit every person’s blog who has left a comment on each post of mine. Ideally this is what I want to do but it can be really time consuming. I agree with what other people said – take a break and just relax without worrying about food blogs for a while. Most of the time, food blogs and food blogging are something that will instantly improve my mood. But I have to question what I’m doing when I don’t have a lot of time and I’m spending the free time I do have replying to people’s comments instead of enjoying some time in the kitchen making something new, or reading my favourite food blogs.

  17. Don’t be so tough on yourself. This is a great gift that you have and enjoy the moment. Walk away from it for a while if you need to. Or move to the next thing on your list. Check, next….. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Life is too short, make every moment count.

  18. I know how you feel.. I’ve been so hesitant to post lately. But for me it was because of the whole attack on my blog that left such a bad taste in my mouth. What frustrated me was that the attacks happened with the little filler things that I was writing to make up for the real posts that seem to fill mine up. I haven’t been able to publish anything, but I’ve got the titles all written up and squirrelled away unpublished. This is merely a reminder for me to know what I have to cover and write about when I feel inclined to do so.

    I think you should not feel so pressured by deadlines. That makes it seem like work. Take it easy, don’t be afraid to use the back post option. If people are dedicated to keeping up with you here, then they’ll be happy to read anything you put up, no matter how late you decide to post it. Sure you started CH and TWD, but doesn’t mean you have to have a continuous hands on. You have new staff on CH, I’m sure the ladies would love to help you out if you feel burned out. TWD seems to run itself, if necessary get a second in command there too. And if there comes a week/month where you don’t feel like doing anything at all for any of it, then so be it!

    The spirit is willing but the body is squishy and weak.. as mortals, we can only do so much. You’re already superwoman with all those boys! Savor the pens’ progression and the baking and blogging will come when you feel like it.

  19. I think everyone understands that you have a life outside of the blogging world. Take a break. TWD and CH will still go on. They’re both great events that have great participation. You do what you have to do to stay sain. The rest of us will understand.

  20. You asked for it, here’s my 2 cents: TAKE A DAY/WEEK/MONTH off. Kids/work/everyday life can make your get-up-and-go feel like it’s gotten up and left without you . No one can do it all (and if they say they can, they either have tons of help or they’re lying). Don’t be hard on yourself – with small children there is always something to be done, and putting pressure on yourself only makes it worse. Do I sound like I’ve been there? It’s because I have! It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that feels this way!

  21. Ever since the Sens LOST horribly to the Pens, I’ve enjoyed the extra time to blog. πŸ˜‰ Blame it on the Pens and enjoy the playoffs. I think I’ll start cheering for the Pens too! Take a break. I feel bad ’cause I just sent you an email about a TWD public blogroll on Bloglines that I’m putting together not realizing you were burnt out! Please ignore. Go Pens Go.

  22. Ditch the guilt and just enjoy your family and the hockey for a week or so. We’ll still be here when you’re ready for us. I don’t think that cupcakes are going to go out of style! And when you’re back you’ll really be back and ready for some more great cupcake action!

  23. As a Sharks fan, my family and friends know, when the “second season” comes around, all bets are off. NOTHING is more important than hockey. Of course currently with the playoffs, full time job, wedding anniversary and my birthday things are a bit…over extended??? Most people get it. If they don’t, I don’t worry. It’s my life, my blog and people can enjoy the ride or not. Here’s to being “over extended” through the middle of June!

  24. I love having a food blog. But when times get tough and too much is going on in real life and/ or I am stressed, I just walk away. The blog will be there when I get back.

  25. i don’t feel like it’s a job, but sometimes i feel like i am not posting enough. i’ve been so busy (or sick) since our vacation, that it seems the only things i am posting lately are the TWD picks or the DB challenge. i think life is just starting to slow down a tad to where i may be able to post some other things as well… and i feel bad for not posting more in the mean time, but i know that it’s probably just me putting too much pressure on myself… i’m glad to see that you are taking a break from CH this summer – no reason you shouldn’t delegate and take a short break for yourself…it shouldn’t feel like a job, you should enjoy it! so take your break and return refreshed and renewed and excited to blog again πŸ™‚

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