Field trip to Dozen Bakeshop…


Jaos took the day off yesterday so that I could go to a Drs appt. Sweet man! I decided to take advantage and swing by Dozen Bakeshop after. I have been wanting to get in there since it opened in January. We rarely go up that way though. (Well, except for our tattoos, the shop we go to is right down the street.) This seemed like the perfect opportunity. I went to vote, and then had enough time to swing by Dozen before my appt. As you guys know, I am a loud mouth on my blog, but put me in a situation where I do not know anyone, and I am a total wall flower. I walked in, not making eye contact with anyone, ordered my cupcakes and a macaroon, paid and left. Whew!

The space is really cozy. It would be an awesome spot for an intimate birthday party. There were people sitting outside, as well as in. (I wish someone had been with me, Chelle you are so going next time you come to Pitt.) All were engaged in conversation while digging into their treats. And boy, do they have treats. Brownies, croissants, fruit tarts, homemade granola..I had trouble choosing. I knew I wanted cupcakes. I haven’t even put a dent in the flavors they offer. I also ordered a macaroon. It was probably the biggest macaroon I have ever seen. It smelled so sweet, I couldn’t wait to eat it. The pic of the macroon is from my cell. The picture doesn’t do the macaroon justice either. I was driving in downtown Pitt, picture taking and eating that macaroon all at the same time. Not smart Laurie, not smart. But, they are fantastic macaroons. If you like coconut, you will love them.

I waited till I got home to bust into the cupcakes. I knew the boys would be mad if they didn’t get to see the all the flavor options. Brody picked a dark chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting and chocolate jimmies. He ate the jimmies off first, then the frosting, leaving the cake behind. Typical 3 year old. I didn’t think the cake should go to waste, so I finished it off. Its the only thing to do right? Seriously good chocolate cake.

Jaos tried the Strawberry Lemonade. He seemed pleased with it. He said the cake tasted like strawberry, the frosting like lemon. “Good cupcake” to quote him. What more do I expect from him. He is a guy. If he says it is good, its good. Let’s leave it at that.

I tried the Cherry Pop. The frosting is a shock. Its tart and cherry and hella good. The cake, I think is a lemon. It is kind of dense, and pound-cakey. It goes well with the frosting. Jaos and I both liked it.

Liam tried the Rice Krispy. It is vanilla cake, with vanilla frosting and fluff, topped with rice krispy treats, that I think had M&Ms in them. 2 thumbs up from Liam. He didn’t want to take time from eating it to give me a full critique.

Then, this morning, I tried the Milk Chocolate. I have had this one before. Its a keeper. The frosting, oh the frosting. Milk chocolatey goodness. I could eat one of those every morning. Its a good thing we live no where near either Dozen location. They bring one to South Hills and I will be in serious trouble.

The one I haven’t yet is the Passion Fruit. Okay, I did stick my finger in the frosting, and its tart, sweet and fruity. I think either of the boys would love it.

The baby, Colby, had the dark chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. The 2nd one Brody did not finish. Colby liked it. He liked it so much, he thought we should play peek-a-boo from behind the cupcake. Such a sweet boy.

So, that is my Dozen Bakeshop experience. One of these times, I swear, I will go in and talk to the people that work there. Baby steps people, baby steps. Next time, I want to give one of the monster cinnamon rolls a go too. Maybe after my next tattoo appt in May. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Field trip to Dozen Bakeshop…

  1. i would have never guessed you as a wallflower! i say just be your fantastic self and have fun chatting it up with all the people there. i’m all about making friends out of strangers 🙂 those pictures totally made me hungry for something sweet… hmmm what do i have in the office to munch on… hmmmm

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