Looking for Volunteers


Hey peeps! I decided to take the summer off from Cupcake Hero. I know some of you die hards will freak out if I just shut ‘er down. (Yes Clara, this means YOU) So, I am looking for a couple of volunteers to host Cupcake Hero in June and August. July has already found 2 lovely hostesses with the mostesses. (Again, Clara, this means you, and Nikki of course. Don’t wanna leave you out.)

If anyone is interested in hosting CH for June or August, drop me a line at superslush AT gmail.com

Come on, help a girl out… you dont want to disappoint the cupcake addicts out there. 😉

Thanks yall. xo


14 thoughts on “Looking for Volunteers

  1. Laurie – I would love to host or cohost. The problem is we’re renovating our kitchen. June is my birthday month and I’m not sure if we’ll be done by then (we’re both procrastinators). In August, we leave for a 2-week Europe trip on the 23rd…

    So I guess what I’m saying is that I could *potentially* cohost in June. We haven’t even ordered cabinets or appliances yet. Of course at this rate, we might not even be started by the end of June, so who knows. Of course, I could just bake at my brother’s house… I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.

  2. w00t! I got 2 shoutouts! LOL.

    Honestly babe. If you need a couple months break… just take it! Us self-proclaimed cupcake-ers will find other mischief until CH comes back after the summer months. JMO.

    ps. TW’s comment made me cackle. bueller? bueller?

  3. good on you for taking time off if you need it. carpe diem and all that.

    my new year’s resolution this year was to volunteer more. *sigh*. June is my birthday month too, and my best friend’s first baby is also due in June (all the best people are born in June, don’t you know). But my last uni assignment for this semester is 5 June, and it will be cold and wintery and say inside type weather by then, so I guess I could put my hand up to co-host this one. what exactly would this involve? chosing the theme and picking the winner?

    having said this, i’m not going to get around to this month’s challenge. I have an idea, just not enough time to put it into action.

  4. I’m stuck enduring “family vacation” in August. And I’m not sure how the leg will be working in June. Excuses, excuses. I’m sure if you need to take a couple months off, the size of my behind will benefit from it! 😉

  5. I should know by mid May what my summer plans are, as I’m hoping to ship off for the summer to either Cali or Michigan. I just need to see which side wishes to adopt me and help fund my trip. I don’t think either host will mind me baking up a storm for CH. I’d love to help out, so we’ll see if I can manage to be available for it. 🙂

  6. I don’t know if you’ve found someone to do it yet (and I admit I am not a good participant myself lately for lack of time) but I’ll host it. 🙂

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