Round 2 starts tonight…


That’s right, the Pens will be back in action tonight. Its about time. It was awesome to sweep the Sens, but waiting around for the other teams to finish Round 1 was excruciating. Round 2 starts tonight. OH YEAH! Pens vs Rangers. Its going to be tougher this time. But, Gary Roberts is looking to be back in shape. In Gary we trust.

In honor of Round 2, I give you Jaos’ scruffy playoff beard. Look at all that sweetness. He is very proud. While, I am a tad afraid of what it will look like by the time the Cup rolls around. Yikes….



3 thoughts on “Round 2 starts tonight…

  1. Sorry we took so long to get out of round 1! I need to post Mr. L’s playoff beard (yes, I took pictures too) and yes, I’m afraid cuz I’ve seen him with a full beard before!
    Great game for you last night, not so good for us 😦

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