Holy Moses, I won!


My Easter Candy Babka WON the Master Baker: Easter Candy event! Whaaaa? I am so totally stoked! I cannot believe it. I baked this crazy concoction on a whim. While it was seriously delicious, Nikki gets soooooo many awesome entries. I didn’t think I would have a chance. Holy Moses, I was stunned when I read the round-up! Thanks so much Nikki, you rocked my day! I have some wicked ideas for vanilla… muahahahha!

Please go check out the Master Baker: Easter Candy Round-Up. There are some very creative and lickable confections waiting for you there.

And again CB… neener, neener, neeeeeener!


14 thoughts on “Holy Moses, I won!

  1. Was the neenering really necessary? Be afraid. Be very afraid… You may have won the war but the battle is far from over. dundundun…

  2. Good luck to you and why would you not win with such a delicious looking offering. However got to watch the weigh though – no matter how appetizing it it looks and tastes.

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