This and That…


Hi my lovelies! Its been busy round these parts this week. My oldest has started with allergy issues. We are trying to figure out the best way to treat them. Poor kid, his eyes are so red and itchy. My middle boy has become an artist at the temper tantrum. You know that little kid you see in the store who starts to totally meltown when he can’t have the toy he wants? Thats my kid right now. And the baby, well he is an angel. Mostly because he is a happy child as long as you keep him very well fed. That, and he cant talk yet…

What else… CH Earth Day entries were due yesterday. If you have not submitted your entry, you have missed the boat. We had a lot of very interesting and creative entries. You guys really did a wicked job. Thanks!

My poor laptop has this light spot on the screen. Took it to the Apple Store yesterday, they have to replace the screen. They did not have one in stock, so they ordered one for me. When I take it back, I have to leave it for 4-5 days!!! WTF am I going to do???? I am freaking out about it already.

I am going out of town tomorrow for a long weekend. Headed to my Grams to celebrate my birthday. Much fun will be had. I am always super excited when I get to spend time with my family.

I think that’s it for now. Have a fab weekend everyone! I cant wait to see all those Peanut Butter Tortes come Tuesday. 😉


9 thoughts on “This and That…

  1. Happy birthday chica! Have a fabu trip. ps. I’d die without a computer for 4-5 days… I might actually have to spend time with my hubs? LOL

  2. Have a fabulous birthday! (Sorry about the kiddos… yeah, reminds me of a “little” Barnes & Noble incident and having to have a perfect stranger carry the baby seat out for me while I collected the nightmare child off the floor – oh, I feel (and live) your pain!!)

  3. Children’s 24 hour Claritin is a godsend!!! Both of my boys have seasonal allergies and this works wonders. Plus, you only have to remember to give it once a day! The wal-mart brand works just as good. Also, I feel your pain with the tantrums. Both of mine have their days!! Love your blog and have become a regular. I check it daily for new posts. Keep up the great work and good luck with everything. As a side note my birthday is on Mother’s day this year and my youngest’s is the 10th. Long live the Tauruses!! LOL

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