Tuesdays with Dorie: Florida Pie


This weeks recipe was chosen by Dianne of Dianne’s Dishes. I was instantly excited about this selection. I have never made a key lime pie before. After careful examination, this one differed greatly from “the norm”. It has a coconut cream layer, as well as a coconut meringue layer. Well, that is not going to fly in this house. Jaos hates coconut. While I love it, I am certainly not making and eating a whole pie myself. No Maam. Skipping the coconut layer and meringue was the only way to go. I replaced the meringue with a little whipped cream. Liam and I decided to make the “lime pie” green. We went all in with the food coloring. I find the shamrock green color charming. Liam loved it. Although, I was informed after the fact, he would have rathered it been blue, his favorite color.

This recipe was easy as pie. (Oh yes, I did say it. Sorry, couldnt help myself. Its late, Im tired. Gimme a break.) I can see myself whipping this up this summer often. Jaos and Liam really enjoyed it, as did I. Its tart, creamy, and easy to make. Its a keeper! Next time, I will make my own crust.

You can find the recipe at Dianne’s Dishes. Thanks Dianne! Please check out the bazillion other Florida Pies off the Tuesdays with Dorie Blogroll.

24 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dorie: Florida Pie

  1. LOL – Way to go Liam! Had I given Aidan the choice he probably would have asked me to turn ours black! Great job (and great idea for next St Paddy’s Day!)

  2. Wow that’s green! LOL I made a non-coconut version for my hubs too. I think next time though, I’ll do a cream layer on the bottom for him though.

  3. Hellooooooo? GREEEN! haha. Seriously. I agree with Liam. Blue would have been better. LOL. Love the sprinkles around the rim. Purdy as pie. 😉

  4. wow, look at that food coloring! great job w/the pie – you’d be surprised how much pie you could all by yourself if you like coconut 😉 next time make one for jaos and one for you 😉

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