Cupcake Hero Deadline!


Hey all you crazy bakers, The Cupcake Hero deadline is today! If you have not entered yet, get your baking gears going. This month’s prize is killer, provided by Askinosie Chocolate. If you have not checked them out yet, please go do so now. You will not be disappointed. Seriously, go now.


10 thoughts on “Cupcake Hero Deadline!

  1. is there any way to see all the cupcake hero entries before the ‘mass’ post that comes out a few weeks later ? i google them with ‘cupcake hero may’ thus far but i know i am missing a bunch that way!!

  2. Good morning!

    I second Mara’s request.
    Is there anyway would could see a list of all the entries?
    I google them too, but I miss a bunch and I love reading about what everyone else come up with.

    P.S. Pick me! 😉 Don’t be swayed by that Iheartcuppycakes girl’s raspberry cocoa geniusness.

  3. unlike the other shameless lobby’ers…i won’t implore you to choose mine…..knowing that my cake and frosting is just so divine and yummy and come on it has LIQUER in it…i know it’s a shoo-in…i don’t need any of that begging stuff to be a winner in my heart.


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