Wednesday with Dorie: La Palette’s Strawberry Tart


I am going to come right out and say it, I am so slack. I bought the raspberries for the tart on Sunday. But, I didnt get around to even putting the crust together until Tuesday night. I finally baked it off this morning, sans the foil that it called for on top because we were out of foil. Sometimes I think the baking Gods are totally mocking me. The crust came out smelling divine in the 25 min that Dorie specifies to bake it with the foil on. It was a tad dark, but I knew that would just add to the flavor. Then, I went to fetch the berries from the fridge, some(alot) of them didnt look so fantastical.

Plan B, I had a spare can of cherry pie filling to use in cupcakes that LT and I have been experimenting with. (We still havent nailed it, but we will, oh yes, we will. muahaha) So, I filled the tart with the cherry pie filling, which is always tasty. I just love the stuff, I could eat it right from the can, I swear it. I whipped up some fresh whipped cream, plopped that on top and topped that with the few berries that were salvaged.

It was not what I had planned. But, sometimes ya have to go with Plan B. And it totally worked out. Jaos and I have been eating it right from the pan, leaving a fork in it, so we can have more when we pass by. Total gluttons we are. When tarts are good, they are good, and this one is goooood. The crust is the absolute best. So buttery, just sweet enough, and crunchy, like a good shortbread cookie. Im in love with the crust, I may make just crust and cut it into cookies next time.

Thanks to Marie of A Year at Oak Cottage for picking such a lovely summery recipe for us this week. You have already checked out all the other tarts, bc well its Wednesday now, but I will send some linkage to the homeys anyway.

(Pay no attention to the bandaids, it wasnt serious… and while you’re at it, ignore the chipped nail polish too… thankyouverymuch)


20 thoughts on “Wednesday with Dorie: La Palette’s Strawberry Tart

  1. Bee-u-tiful! I so want a new shape tart pan – your tart looks fantastic. I love the crust too (and I did end up just eating some of the unfilled mini shells like they were cookies. You’ve got to try the chocolate version. Yumm!

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