My 3rd Pearl Jam Show


Doesnt he look oh Ed? God, I love him. Going to see my 3rd PJ show tomorrow night. I am so beyond stoked. Im vibrating I am so excited. So, Ill be out of town till next week. Have a fab weekend everyone!


11 thoughts on “My 3rd Pearl Jam Show

  1. Ahh, have fun! Saw Pearl Jam in concert two years ago and I still smile thinking about it. Don’t tell my boyfriend, but I think I’m in love with Eddie Vedder. 🙂

  2. lifestylescribe

    Oh he is still looking sweet. Hey, don’t you guys think that most new singers just sounded like Eddie? I am really quiet upset about this fact.

  3. nickki

    Oh wow I haven’t seen a picture of him for so long! I used to have the biggest crush on him…takes me right back to the 90’s. Yep, Eddie still has it going on!

  4. one of my g.f’s was engaged to jeff ament for yeeaarrss…. i was always so jealous she could just walk into their practices and hang out..and one of my other friends opened a restaurant with them years ago… :sigh i never got any free tickets of them though!! 🙂 i hope you had a great time! they’re a wonderful band.

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