Tuesdays with Dorie: Apple Cheddar Scones


Ok, This is going to be short and sweet because it is UFA Signing Day!!! If you guys watch hockey, you know what a big F’N deal today is. The Pens have a lot of guys who became UFAs today. I am on the edge of my seat neurotically refreshing the UFA Signing Tracker.

I almost didnt make these scones, but at the very last minute this morning, I whipped them up and I am so glad that I did. I did not have dried apples on hand, so I used a fresh apple. I grated it with a box grater and then squeezed the liquid out with a towel. These scones are perfect for a good southern breakfast, with grits and bacon. HOLY YUM! They have this sweet cornbread flavor, but with a biscuity texture. I loved them.  I could barely detect the apple, and cheddar cheese is always a winner with me.

Thanks to Karina for picking a lovely breakfast treat. It was nice to give the pies a rest at least for a week. Please go check out what the rest of the TWD Bakers did with their scones. I am sure there are some lovlies out there. And big thanks to Dorie for her very kind post today.


25 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dorie: Apple Cheddar Scones

  1. i totally thought bacon would be fab mixed in with the cheddar as well!!! i did apricot and cheddar, interestingly tasty. yours are flakeastic!

  2. This sounds really great. I don’t always prefer a really sweet pastry for breakfast, so this would be perfect. Especially in the fall with a steaming cup of tea! (Right, whoa, that’s thinking ahead too far… I don’t want the summer to end!)

  3. how on earth did you get them so pretty and square like that? my batter was soooo sticky all i could do was scoop them onto the baking sheet!

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