Cupcake Hero: Clara and Nikki Style


I am still on cupcake hiatus. Let’s call it “A Cupcake Free Summer“. However, several friends have jumped in and taken the reigns while I am in cupcake rehab. For this month, my great friends Clara and Nikki have taken over. I am going to say out right that I think their selection of theme is a doozie. Its a toughie. Its a hard one.

July’s Cupcake Hero Theme is:


> All cup-ticipants must incorporate red, white AND blue into their cupcake entry.
> One ingredient per color. (Don’t be a smarta$$ and use food color. You can use it for one color but not all 3.)
> Get creative!

If you want to participate, email Clara and Nikki your cupcakery by July 31st before 12mid EST with the following info:

* Name
* Link to your Cupcake Hero entry
* Picture of your cupcakery (250 width is preferred) and/or permission to use image off your blog.

Clara checks her email like a junkie needing a fix and comments just as badly.  If you do not receive a comment from her (or Nikki) within a few days of your email, please email again so they don’t miss your entry!


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