Name my blog?


My 1 year blogversary is coming up a week from today. Had I known a year ago that I would fall so far down the rabbit hole of blogging, I would have chosen a better name for myself. While “quirky cupcake” is cute. Most of you who know me well, know that I am anything but cute. “Cupcake” of any sort does not really sum me up.

I have been tossing around some stuff. Ill just put them out there.

  • Burnt Pop Tarts (because I love them so. just a little burnt.)
  • I Hate People (this one speaks for itself)
  • Back the Fuck Off (that one really makes me smile)
  • just slush (slush has been a nickname for years.)
  • so over cupcakes… (well, yeah, I am. DONT WORRY, CH will continue)

So, I ask all my faithful readers, and you are oh so faithful, because I am been the most slackity of slack this summer and you still comment… I ask of you.. Name my blog?

If anyone comes up with something wicked good, I will rename my blog a week from today for my blogversary. (Which is the most made of words.. so made up.)

Let the naming begin…


28 thoughts on “Name my blog?

  1. 1. Slush Life
    2. Puck you too (I am milking this one but you can think of it as blog 1 and blog 2/too)
    3. People must die (I just saw a rerun of Romeo must die)
    4. Cupcakes killed the cat (Cupcakes. curiosity. get it?)
    5. The Lush Life by Slush

    If I think of more… I’ll be back. (Say it like Terminator. You know you already did.)

    PS. Say it aint so!? You can’t be over cupcakes! What will us cupcake freaks that need an ingredient every month to be creative do now???

  2. I said CH will continue on. I wont give CH up, I am just so over them. That happens when you have over 100 cupcake recipes at your disposal. I still love the Hero. Dont get me wrong. I will still be giddy as every entry comes in. Cupcakes just dont rule my life anymore. Ive been sucessfully rehabed, thank you TWD! lol

    I like how you think CB. You have time to come up with sheer brilliance. (Im allergic to cats)

  3. I like burnt poptarts too! (For a name)
    Wicked Good, Baked Goods
    Been There, Baked That

    But then you blog about more than just baking…. hmmmm
    More thinking required!


  4. 1. Slush, from scratch 2. Quirky mama
    3. Slip and slush
    4. Slush and sour
    5. Slush patch kids
    6. Wake and bake
    7. You want sprinkles with that?
    8. Slurp! By slush

    I need to think a bit more…
    Do you want to focus on food and family as you have in the past?

    I’m detemined to think of something good! I’m still so happy my idea got picked for twd.

  5. Well, I was prepared to put my vote in for Burnt poptarts, but there are some really good ones listed in the comments! So, now, I just really don’t have a vote! 🙂

  6. Slush is for Kids.

    I have always liked ‘Bun in the Oven’ so maybe ‘Bloggin’ the Oven’…. HA!

    Flour on the Floor (oh wait that should be the name of mine)

    I saw a great David and Goliath shirt that says ‘Cupcakes Kill’. Awesome blog name.

    When I was thinking up names for mine…we had so much fun with it. One of my friends suggested Brown Sugar…I was like…are you serious? He really was. I was like people will be surfing onto the site thinking it’s porn but it’ll just be…cupcakes. 😀

  7. Tania- Thanks!

    Rachel- You cracked me up. I love Wake and Bake. And hell that would have been THE NAME about 10 years ago. Damn me and my parenting morals.

    April- I still like that one too, thanks!

    Nikki- so over cupcakes is still in the running I think. bc I am. so over them.

    Mara- I like the cheeky names, keep em comin. 😉

    Jen- Glad Im not the only burnt pop tart lover!

    Holly- Slush in the City. hahah. nice.

    Heather B- We need a burnt pop tart club. lol

  8. Tanya

    CB mentioned “The Slush Life,” which I love. Burnt PopTarts is awesome as well. But “I Hate People” and “Back The F*ck Off” is pretty hilarious!

  9. You guys are cracking me up.

    maybe something like “constant crumbs”? I came up with that this morning as I was cleaning up under my kitchen table. Its amazing how much kids get on the floor!

  10. I like constant crumbs… Constantly Crumby? hehehe.

    what about keeping the Quirky aspect, I love it actually. The Quirk Blog? Quirky Baker?

    Slushtasticly Quirk. HA! Quirkily Slushy.

    Obviously….I need to go to bed. I make no sense.

  11. ginnypa

    How about “Slushious” …a play on luscious….guess if I have to explain it, it’s lame…
    But I do like “So Over Cupcakes”….only thing the “so over” might be dated soon…or should I say, so over.

  12. chris

    wicked slush
    wicked crumbs
    crumb wicked
    wicked pop-tart
    wicked oven

    notice a theme? what do your brothers have to say? I love these challenges…

  13. chris

    OK, how about…

    slush puck
    quirky puck
    slush hockey
    wicked quirky

    I shouldn’t do this when I’m tired.

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