My First Cupcake Hero Entry


It seems weird to even this Cupcake Hero entry. I have entered lots of times.. in my dreams.. Literally, I have tons of dreams about cupcakes. Its a definite sickness. Normally, I name the theme, then think of tons of entries in my head. Never executing any of them because at the end of every month, I have to execute other peoples cupcake masterpieces.

So, here I am on my Cupcake Free Summer and yes, I am baking cupcakes. I should be shot. Really, I just wanted to show my support to my good friends CB and Nikki. (I wanted to participate in June too, but I dont like cantaloupe, so sorry April, love you too babe!)

Red, white and blue posed to be harder than I originally thought. I didnt want to do berries, because I knew that they would be used by the masses. Knowing that, whats left? Whats blue? It took me a while to come up with an idea. In the end, I went with white cake cupcakes for the white part. Cherry Jello for the red part. And marshmallow frosting tinted blue for the blue part. Then, I topped them with blue raspberry sugar and sour cherry balls. The light was fading fast on me for the pictures, and I wasnt sure how marshmallow frosting would hold up in the fridge. I took the pictures fast and called it a day.

The white cake recipe came from my Better Homes and Gardens. I think any white cake recipe would do it justice. Its really not about the cake anyway. The jello totally takes over. The jello aspect of it can be found here. And the marshmallow frosting recipe came from Baking: From My Home to Yours.


8 thoughts on “My First Cupcake Hero Entry

  1. These look great! I have had jello cakes before, and love them. But, I have never had them with marshmallow frosting. I know that they tasted great!

  2. J-E-L-L-O! Great idea for red! Can’t wait to give these puppies a try! Is it weird to enter your own event? What if you win? Do you give yourself a tshirt? HAHA. Thanks for entering!

  3. April- I was iffy on them, I dont really like jello, but love jello cake. Yeah.. Im a weirdo. The kids loved them though. I think jello cakes are best topped with cool whip, but I cant make that. 😉

    Nikki- Thanks, let me know if you do!

    CB- I do not think I can win? I just wanted to show you guys some love. These are definitely not winners anyway. I know cupcakes and these will not take the cake. 😛

  4. i didn’t realise you never did take part in your own competition. *sniggers*. anyway, the cuppies look fantastic. jello cake? who would have thought of tt. Smarty pants.. blue blue blue.. you certainly make it such a challenge this time round… argh.

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