Saturday Confessional


I hate the sun.

My brother has referred to me as “night walker” before. (Which sounds too much like street walker for my liking.) Back before we had kids, Jaos and I would sleep half the day and stay up half the night. Ahhh, those were the days…

Okay here is my reasoning for hating the sun.  1) my skin is about as pale as they come. My skin does not like the sun. I freckle, burn and peel, repeat. I refuse to tan, or use self tanner. Whats the point, why should I damage my skin so that I look darker to please others? The way I see it, when I am 50 maybe my skin will have minimal sun damage. Others who tan, tan, tan may be in the depths of deep sun worshipper regret. 2) its just too damn bright! Going outside right now, I am blinded for the first 10 minutes. My eyes cant take it. And 3) its so fucking hot. I hate being hot.

Of course I may be rationalizing all this just to make myself feel better about my hatred of the sun.


10 thoughts on “Saturday Confessional

  1. I burn in sunlight really bad. My mom likes to say I’m allergic to the sun. Tanning just isn’t going to happen. So I’m right there with you on sun avoidance. I feel like a vampire.

  2. I’m not sure I would go so far as to say I hate the sun, but I have to agree with all of your reasons for hating it. We moved to Texas in the middle of August (wow, almost ten years ago now) and I thought I was going to die. During the summer I stay mostly stay inside because I get overheated really easily. And I’m totally the “freckle, burn and peel, repeat” type. Gotta love those Irish ancestors of mine…

  3. I will join the hate the sun club. I also am super fair, freckle like I am Irish, and overheat with the best of them. My issue is that my digestive system doesn’t like the heat – probably way more info than you’d like! Sorry!!
    It is getting harder though with Jake getting older and hating being indoors. I have to drag myself outside in the heat (slathered in sunscreen and minimal clothing) and try to enjoy myself. That and trying not to worry about my fair haired boys getting too much sun.
    There is a risk of moving to Texas (Army Hubby) and that honestly (no offense anyone) is my worst nightmare – I NEED SEASONS!
    And hockey….

  4. I’m super pale too. Freckly, burn, peel repeat as well! It irks my mom to no end that I refuse to fake tan or go out in the sun longer than necessary. Hey…if I was living 100 years ago…I would be considered one sexy broad.

    Being born and raised in Texas, you know as soon as you step outside in the summer, its going to be crazy ass hot outside. And that means that I’ll end up looking like a cherry in about 5 minutes flat. Sorry Mom…I obviously missed out on your tanning genes.

    And Tania…no offense taken by this Texas girl. There’s a fine blurred line between our seasons. Its hot, then hot hot, briefly crazy freakishly weird cold, and then back hot, hot, hot!

  5. This is why I live next to a foggy bay. I like the sun on occasion, but only for a brief visit. The greatest place I’ve ever been was Scotland, it rained every day I was there and it was heavenly!

  6. Victoria

    I’m with you on all those points – I too hate the sun. Or, rather being in it.
    I don’t get freckles, but I get itchy hives instead, so I prefer to stay inside or at least in the shade when I can.
    I myself live in Sweden, and those long, cold winters can make anyone, and I mean anyone, long for summer and sun, but I’ve never understood people who tan – what’s so great about it anyway? I like being pale and not having skin cancer, thank you very much.
    And if you think having Irish blood is bad (and I know it really is) try having a mixture of English and Swedish genes. Being blond, blue eyed and so pale that vanilla ice cream has more colour than you certainly doesn’t make it easy to go outside without a thick coating of sun screen.

  7. My dad’s a dermatologist. So’s my older brother. So’s my little sister. They’re in practice together, down in Southern California. Oh, the lovely dinner conversation!

    Did you know that 25% of Australians can expect to have skin cancer at least once in their lives? Yup – all that life in the sun will get you.

    We live in flippin Scotland and I still have to wear sunscreen! They’re not into UV-protected windows here, so I can be huddled on the couch, my legs under a blanket ’cause it’s cold, and get a sunburn!

    (DHC’s White is great stuff, by the way; although expensive, it’s something that doesn’t wear off all day, and doesn’t make your face all greasy and break out.)

    On the other hand, we’re all into buying full-spectrum lightbulbs … because our brains just can’t handle all the darkness here. Yes, we hate the sun … but we can’t live without it, if by “live” we mean anything other than “huddle in a corner, weeping our guts out, turning into gibbering, depressive lumps of humanity.”

  8. I hate the sun too. My skin is olive and I have freckles, and one would think that olive skin looks nice suntanned, but mine doesn’t. Oh, and did I mention that I live in Puerto Rico, where it’s summer the whole year!! Even during Christmas you can get a tan. Horrible.

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