1 Year…


Its my blogversary!

Which, I still think is one of the most made up words, ever.

But, its true. Its my 1 Year Blog Anniversary!

I had no idea when I started this little blog a year ago that I would end up with so many great friends. Im talking daily life friends. I, also, had no idea I would end up running a weekly blog event of 230+ people and a monthly cupcake event. A year ago, I didnt even know what a blog event was. Oh how far down the rabbit hole I fell.

I admit, it seems waaaaay longer than one year. All the cupcakes that have come and gone. All the TWD recipes that have been baked and devoured. Its been a long year! A hella good one, oh yeah, but looooong. Thinking about what would come to pass in the next year. I had to sit and ponder. More Cupcake Heroes, yup. A lot more TWD recipes to be baked, hell yes. What else? Well, I decided to do what I seem to do best.

To kick off another year of blogness, I am starting a new monthly event. I know, I know, am I totally insane? Well yes, yes I am. This event wont have any rules though. Its a play-along-when-you-want kind of event. If you wanna do it one month, great! If you don’t, no worries, there is always next month.  (I want to thank CB for helping me with this one. CB is the very best of sounding boards and even better at naming blogs, events, whatever. Shes a genius. So, thanks CB. *MUAH)

Tomorrow, I will announce this new grand event. Hang on to your spatulas, its gunna be a goooood one!

Finally, I was supposed to rename my blog today. Yesterday, I was really feeling the pressure to come up with a more fitting name. Quirky fits. Cupcake, not so much. However, I haven’t had the “THATS IT” moment. And until I do, I think I need to stick with what Ive got. New name is just around the bend….


18 thoughts on “1 Year…

  1. Ah shucks. You didn’t have to give me a shoutout. I didn’t do anything. But since I am an AW, I love it of course. PS. I still like Slush Life or Slushed or Purple Slushy Monster. Just saying… Happy Blogaversary and many more to come!

  2. Congratulations, and celebrations……da da da da da da da da…… silly little song.
    Can’t wait for the new event! Still hoping to be surprised with Dorie’s cookbook by my hubby – but no luck yet. But count me in for this one until then.
    I love your blog – so glad I stumbled on it. Makes my day!

    Love Big, Bake Often

  3. happy blogiversary 🙂

    i can’t believe you’re doing another event – but more power to you 🙂

    i like quirky cupcake. don’t change.

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