CH: In the Face of Evil


Have you heard of an event where a theme ingredient is named…. Then, people are asked to take said ingredient and make a stellar cupcake with it??

I know what you are thinking..

If that’s your answer, you could be wrong. Apparently, there are 2 answers now. (There is only one answer in my book..) With that said, I just wanted to assure all you CH fanatics that Cupcake Hero is not going anywhere. We have a wicked interesting ingredient coming up for August by my fab co-hosts of the month. Its a doozie. Seriously, its something else.

And in September, Cupcake Hero turns 1 year old. That’s right, 1 YEAR OLD! Be prepared.

Heroes do not back down. We rise up and show what we are made of. Cupcake Hero will live on and on, despite others trying to steal the thunder.


8 thoughts on “CH: In the Face of Evil

  1. omg. I am so dense. I didn’t even think about it. I was blinded by promises of a cupcake courier. Of course I am loyal to Cupcake Hero. Viva la Cupcake Hero! Happy 1 year birthday and many more to come.

  2. I’m so out of the loop! I guess “they” aren’t as popular as they might think. Look at it this way – apparently all your ideas are so good that others can’t resist trying to copy them! (Except we all know that copies are never as good as the original).

  3. I don’t know what you guys are talking about but I have an idea for an ingredient. It’s totally unheard of….get this…how about…BUTTER!!!!???

    Yah? No? Whaaaa? Oh…nevermind. Can someone link me to the posers or something? I hate being clueless.

  4. See, I read this kinda fast at first … so I caught “evil”, “CH”, and “secret ingredient” … and I thought, “hey, I wonder if you could make cupcakes using CHIVES?”


    Evil CAN be an ingredient. 😉

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