A Guilty Pleasure


I have been going to this site everyday since, oh boy, lets see… when I was pregnant with Colby I think? Its a guilty pleasure of mine. They always have links to the coolest stuff. They fully support Etsy, which is awesome! And they have giveaways every day of the week. Can you beat that? I think not.

They, also, just came out with their Back to School Guide.

I love seeing all the wicked backpacks and school stuffs. Its stuff you wont find at the dreaded Walmart or even at my fav store, Target. Which makes me love it. Making your kid a one of a kind of a very cool thing indeed.

Lastly, check out their Safer Toy Guide. Again, one of a kind toys that you dont find in every toy store around.

Whether you have kids or not, their site is adaily must see. Their giveaways feature not only toys, but jewelry, swanky purses and the likes. I think this is a must read for any one who wants the skinny of the “IN” items.

I ❤ coolmompicks!


3 thoughts on “A Guilty Pleasure

  1. Thanks so much for the love, mama! You’re officially our new favorite reader.

    Good news: Were coming out with a brands spanking new Safer Toy Guide in October or so. Well, we think it’s good news. Hope you do too.

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