PTA Bake Sale: HELP!


I am going to bake something for the PTA Bake Sale next week. I am totally undecided on what to make. My mind is arguing with itself. I thought maybe you guys would help me? Jaos says I need to keep it simple.

We need to drop the stuff off by Wednesday afternoon for sale that evening. I have no idea what I should make. And the real kicker is, we have to put a price on our own baked goods.

I ask you this, what should I bake, and how much should I charge? (All proceeds benefit the PTA.)

Thanks in advance! xoxo


14 thoughts on “PTA Bake Sale: HELP!

  1. Laurie, my mom always made these for bake sales at school and church. They are always a big hit. Pricing would depend on how big you cut them but I would guess $.50. Have fun!

  2. Uh… you know I am saying cupcakes right? What about frosting shots? You know kids only want the frosting anyways! At least “this” kid always does! 😉

  3. I go with the brownies! Everyone loves a bit of chocolate and they make for easy packing. You could go crazy with the varietions of toppings like marshmellows and cheesecake brownies all using the same base!

  4. Kristin

    how about chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes? Use either a yellow cake mix or your fav cake recipe, scoop into liners & then drop a chunk of cookie dough (i use the pre-cut squares) into the scooped batter and bake like normal. I usually top mine with peanut butter buttercream but I’m guessing peanuts are not allowed. Chocolate or vanilla buttercream would be good also.

  5. I say super simple, make some rice crispy treats. Can dip in chocolate, or make them in regular and Peanut butter flavored. Won’t make the kitchen too hot, and are pretty easy to make. Throw some m&m’s in before you form them, huge hit, can do .50 a good sized square =).

  6. Nancy

    How about the best of both worlds? Check out this link for Chocolate Fudge Brownie Cupcakes – Very easy and very delicious! I’ve made them twice this week, and I’m not much of a baker! You can frost or not – I used a Hershey’s brownie frosting recipe, but they are good without any frosting. As for what to charge – it’s been too long since I’ve been to a bake sale, but maybe 50 or 75 cents each?

    Good luck!!!

    P.S. I used a silicone cupcake pan so no liners or pan prep needed.

  7. Okay, I have a random idea…

    You know Jenga, right???

    How about a Shortbread/Jenga tower!!

    Think about it – not just something to eat; the kids would pay to take a slice of shortbread out of the tower without knocking the whole thing over. You’d get tons of kids coming to see who blows it!! You’d have to use a big plate though, for when the tower does fall over… Can’t be wasting shortbread, now can we 😉

    And if you want to be really mean [or fun! Depending on which way you look at it] … you can make a penalty for each kid who knocks the tower over. Like pretending to be a chicken, otherwise they have to donate an extra 50p. Might be a good way of raising money?

    Okay, enough of my randomness for now. Good luck in whatever you decide to do!!

  8. I say mini cupcakes, nothing too crazy with the flavors and the Rice Krispy Treats would be even better. I wouldn’t price anything over $1. Everyone makes brownies. I used to make peanut butter fudge for our bake sales.

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