Tell me what I am doing wrong…


After reading this post on Joy the Baker, I decided to give it a whirl. This is day 7 on my sour dough starter. Its looked about the same everyday. I have followed the directions. The only thing I can think of, is that its not quite warm enough in my house. It stays about 68-69 degrees inside our house. Maybe thats a tad too chilly for the little yeast to thrive?

What do ya think? Help me out. Im willing to try anything at this point.


12 thoughts on “Tell me what I am doing wrong…

  1. That is definitely too cold to try and grow a starter. Don’t despair thought there are some tricks around this.

    First off, do you have any warm spots in your house besides the kitchen? Sourdough is great in that you don’t have to start in the kitchen. What I do is walk around with an alarm clock that I have that has a digital temperature readout and see the changes around our house. You are looking for something around 74+ to grow a solid starter.

    If you cannot find a warm spot in your house then you can try your oven. Does it have a pilot light or light bulb inside? Make sure both or one is on and plop your temperature gauge in there and shut the door. You will be surprised at how warm it gets in there. I have also heard of people having some success with putting their starters in the oven with a large pan to continuously add steaming water to it but that always seemed a bit labor intensive for me.

    The fact is to grow sourdough (sacchraromyces exiges) you need to have warm temperatures to encourage the growth. Good luck and let us know if you find that warm place!

    (Secret: I once had a hard time finding a warm place and discovered the family bathroom was great. The frequency that everyone took showers kept the place warm for a great part of the day!)

  2. I understand where people are coming from on the too cold thing, but I have to admit that my starter began looking just like that. I didn’t even use it until it was 14 days old, and then only on quick breads. Just whisk the liquid on top into the rest, and do what I did: turn on the oven, bake, and set the starter next to it 🙂

  3. Thanks everyone! I appreciate all the responses. I am going to try the top of the fridge first, hopefully that works. If not, I will try the oven with the light on. Id like to try and keep the starter in the kitchen. Moving it increases the chances of the kids messing with it.

    I will update in one week and let ya know, with pictures! xoxo

  4. This may sound a little weird but last winter I took mine to work, our office is routinely kept in the mid-70’s. I tucked the jar on a shelf and used tupperware to feed it everyday. It worked like a charm and utilized energy that existed regardless.

  5. Laurie,

    I was just thinking about trying my hand at sourdough starter. My mom made the best sourdough pancakes when I was a kid. Im probably not going to try it for a couple weeks. It is fun and helpful to read your post.

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