I’m gunna be late….


While I had high hopes of making the Chocolate-Chocolate Cupcakes for today, I decided it was silly to do that. You see, I have to make 3 dozen cupcakes for Liam’s Halloween Party on Friday. Then, I need another dozen for Saturday, since he is the snack kid at soccer.

The cupcakes shall be late. Sorry CB! LOVE YOU! Please go check hers out. AH-MAZING!


7 thoughts on “I’m gunna be late….

  1. LOL @ CB!! I’ll be back too – no worries! I have to do the craft at Aidan’s party. Had I known that for once they were going to relax the ‘store bought only’ rule for the Halloween party treats I would have jumped on it before those slots were all gone. So now, not crafty me, is doing the craft. Why did I even volunteer!? I swear I have a masochistic streak somewhere!

  2. Ciao Laurie ! I ‘m always grateful to you for all your work in TWD , being a mum I know How hard it must be ! If you need any help let me know ! happy baking !

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