Tuesdays with Dorie: Left-over Halloween Candy Kugelhopf



I was iffy on making this weeks TWD. Don’t get me wrong. I like brioche, and I like bundt cake. This seemed to be a meshing of the 2. And I love the smell of a something yeasty baking up in the oven. But, I do not like the length of time it takes to make brioche, or this kugelhopf. I just do not have the time to mix and wait, deflate and wait, put in pan and wait. Ive been slacking in the TWD department in the past few months. So, I needed to make this. I chose to use left-over Halloween candy as my add-in of choice. Im trying to get rid of it any way I can.


Things went almost according to plan. It took double the time for the batter to double on first rise. And I called it done when it barely doubled after 4 hours on the 2nd rise. I buttered and sugared it. Then, tried to wait the alloted amount of time before we ate it. We ate it about 45 min later. It was still slightly warm. This yeasty cake-bread is lovely. It indeed does taste very similar to a brioche. The Halloween candy added a sweetness that I think it needed. Now, would I make it again? Probably not anytime soon. All the wait, wait, wait is too much for me.


Thanks to Yolanda for the recipe selection of the week. Please check out the rest of the TWD bakers to see how they fared.


29 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dorie: Left-over Halloween Candy Kugelhopf

  1. Halloween candy?? FUGGEN HILARIOUS! I definitely think adding the candy was a great idea b/c this needed something (anything) to sweeten it up. I love the brioche dough but this cake wasn’t brioche for me. Ah well… Can’t like them all right? Glad you back from you hiatus! Missed ya…
    Clara @ iheartfood4thought

  2. That’s hilarious! I love that you put Halloween candy in it. =) I wouldn’t mind making kugelhopf again, but if I do I’ll double the recipe and freeze half of it (like with the brioche) so I get more for the time I put in.

  3. I love the idea of using the Halloween candy – it would definitely jazz this up. I loved it, but I was lucky that the days I made it I just kind of let it do its thing while I didn’t have anywhere else to go that day. Otherwise, this would have made me crazy!

  4. Carolina

    I,too, like the use of candy. What a great idea! Mine came out looking just like yours. I think it was fun to make, but I have NEVER made anything like it. It is definitely something to make when you are in shutdown mode with very little to do. Great job! I am posting mine in the a.m.

  5. I can’t believe that you added left-over Halloween candy to your kugelhopf…LOL! Some German grandmother is probably turning over in her grave, right now! 😉

  6. It looks lovely. I only bought tootsie pops for Halloween and we don’t have any kids yet. Fortunately tootsie pops are difficult to inhale because my husband did the passing out of candy this year and didn’t know he was supposed to pass it ALL out.

  7. Halloween candy? No! Wow! I am not sure my selection of Halloween candy would really add much to Kugelhopf – smarties and a few boxes of Mike ‘n Ikes, but with the right selection it would be great. Very cleaver.

  8. If I bit into your kugelhopf, would I find a whole fun-sized Snickers in there or something? What kind of candy did you use? Sounds like yours turned out great!

  9. It’s been far too long… Though glad you’ve had lots of breaks or otherwise I’d have been here ****** hours! Not that it’s not a nice place to spend hours of course. Hope you’re totally well now. Loved the chubby hubby cheesecake and the last post before this one too.

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