TWD: Mission Rice Pudding… aborted.


Im just gunna tell it like it is. I do not like rice pudding. I do not like it. If my Grandma’s rice pudding doesnt cut it, Dorie’s rice pudding recipe will not change my mind. With that in mind.. Nikki and I went rogue. She has been bitching for months and months about no one picking the cover cake. And I have to say I agree, why has no one picked that damn cake yet?!?


I meant to make this on Saturday, but we ended up going out of town. Then, I told Nik I would make it last night, no dice. I ended up playing LittleBigPlanet with jaos and the kids till bedtime, and then it was Gossip Girl time. Hey, shut up. Leave my guilty pleasures alone. I like GG!

I finally got around to making the cake this morning. Unfortunately, I was out of wax paper, so I did not line the cake pans. The cake stuck. It turned out ok since you are supposed to crumble part of the cake anyhow. My layers didnt rise much and I had trouble cutting them in half. Once in half, they fell apart during assembly. Thank god frosting is the mightly glue of all glues. You would never know that 2 of the layers fell into 3 pieces and I put the puzzle back together and glued them into place.

I went out on my own with the frosting. While the kids like marshmallowy frosting, I prefer something with more weight to it. I had 5 packages of cream cheese in the fridge, so there we had frosting. I made the cream cheese frosting from Bills Big Carrot Cake. I doubled the recipe. Added a half cup of cocoa powder and then added coffee concentrate to half. I filled with the mocha cream cheese frosting, topped with the chocolate cream cheese frosting, and then lathered on the crumbs.


Looks pretty good to me. Ill try and get a picture once its sliced.

Thanks for going rogue with me Nik. And dont worry hardcore TWD’ers. We understand this does not count as the weekly recipe. But, at least we baked, right??

Thanks to Isabelle for her choice of the week, please go check out her blog for the rice pudding recipe. Check out all the ricey puddings from the TWD Bakers.


29 thoughts on “TWD: Mission Rice Pudding… aborted.

  1. Looks great. Now that I have the book too, I was wondering why you guys haven’t done the cover cake either. I’m definitely going to have to make this sometime soon… Maybe with peppermint frosting/filling for the holidays…

  2. Yay. I love you for going rogue with me L and your cake looks fab. I wish I had thought of the mocha cream cheese. If someone *cough*L*cough* had ichatted with me while we made it that might have happened πŸ˜› I’m just kidding. Now what are you waiting for eat it!

  3. I was tired of week after week of no one picking that cake so I made it on my own too- in July! I used my brother-in-law’s birthday as an excuse. I have the post ready and waiting πŸ™‚ This looks good- your frosting sounds wonderful!

  4. I swear Nikki is such a bad influence on you. I think rogue is my word of the day now. HAHA. Glad you got to (finally!) bake your cover cake. Looks and sounds delish. I’ll be a good little TWDer and wait until someone picks it… ::halo floating over my head::

  5. It stuns me that no one has picked the cover cake yet! It was the first thing I made when I bought the book. I have made it two or three times and it’s a great quick, inexpensive yet visually impressive cake. After the first time making it I decided the chocolate pieces mixed in the cake batter were over kill, so I skip them now. You made a great choice for your renegade move, but I did like the rice pudding.

  6. Kelly D

    In my humble opinion, you missed nothing this week. My mom comes over for dinner every Sunday, which is when I usually serve up TWD. She has been dying for someone to pick that cake.

  7. Your Older Brother

    Pudding…Cake……Blah Blah. The real nugget in this post…..Gossip Girl? Really? Bwahaha. Somehow hardcore Penguins fan and Gossip Girl don’t mix.

  8. teaandscones

    I always figured it would be the last thing to be made when this is all over — in about 5 years—-. Who can wait that long. Any inside pics. Looks great. Yay for rebellion.

  9. It looks wonderful! I have been dying to make that, too, but couldn’t choose it for mine since my husband can’t have chocolate and might kill me! πŸ™‚ The cream cheese frosting sounds wonderful too…

  10. Forget the rice pudding! You give me that cake! PLEASE!

    And there is no shame in liking Gossip Girl! OK, yes there is, but I have yet to meet someone that does not like the show!!

  11. What a Rebel! So jealous, would totally love to have a slice of that cake right now. Like its gone now…but it sounds delish. Great job.

    Funny thing about that rice pudding, the vanilla was better than the chocolate. Weird

  12. ifoundafish

    I’ve never had rice pudding before… I’m counting myself lucky, but oh so curious!
    I think trying out this cake would be a much more satisfactory way of calming my curiousity than rice pudding, however. I can’t imagine myself not enjoying this! Rice pudding, on the other hand…

    Then again, I love brussel sprouts so I think anything goes for me πŸ˜‰

  13. Hello.. your cake looks really good. Chocolate on chocolate is just the best. Just like you I was wondering why no one had picked it since it looks so good and delicious. I decided to make it though. The first time it was pretty bad.. but the second one came out actually nice looking.. its a really good cake.
    Check out my pics and let me know what you think. Thanks!!

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