Cupcake Hero: Holiday Edition


I know that I am delayed. My deepest apologies!!! I was having issues with the site as you may have read. My kick ass hubs figured out the problem and fixed it for me. (flash was not working with firefox, which is why some of you could post and some of you couldnt.) Anyhoo, here we are halfway through December. December is such a freaking busy month. I was late getting this up, so I decided we would hold a Holiday Edition. As long as you post on or send in your entries by January 30th, you are good to go. This gives everyone plenty of time. No Christmas rush!!

I was lucky enough to score a prize for the Holiday edition as well. Shawn of Askinosie is kindly providing a very handsome prize pack to the winner….lets just say it starts with a kilo of dark chocolate.. Most of you know that I adore Askinosie cocoa. I looove it. Its the best of the best. I highly suggest you mozy over there and buy some, right now please. I swear to you that you will not regret it.

Okay, so.. onto the theme.


Our theme for the Holiday Edition is WHITE CHOCOLATE!

(apologies to Nik, the official white chocolate hater of the east.)

You guys know the rest. You can either post yourself on or email your entry to cupcakeherostaff at

White Chocolate must be in the cake, frosting, filling, or all of the above if you so choose. (again, sorry Nik)

All entries must be posted by January 30th to be consider for the killer prize pack by Askinosie. If you hurry, you may be able to snag a bar of Askinosies White Chocolate. They cant seem to keep it in stock, so seriously, if you want to give it a try, go now! NOW!

Special thanks to Shawn of Askinosie for being so generous to the CH Crew!!!

xo~ laurie


9 thoughts on “Cupcake Hero: Holiday Edition

  1. Arrrgh. I just made some dark chocolate cupcakes. As dark chocolate is infinitely better than white chocolate. I guess I’ll just have to make some more cupcakes! 🙂

  2. Damn you L … How is my white chocolate hating ass supposed to participate? Would it be cheating to just melt one little white chocolate wafer into a bunch of dark chocolate?

  3. Ugh, you all gushing over white chocolate. Not a fan… but I do like “his” (Askinose) chocolate. The real stuff. he he Does this mean we have to put on our happy face and use white chocolate even if we don’t like it. I guess I need to know the rules. Nibs Nibs Nibs Can you say Nibs?

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