Slacking this week…


I just don’t like stuff in my cornbread. I just don’t. And yeah, technically I could have left that stuff out, but I dont really like sweet cornbread either. I like the plain dry cornbread made in a skillet like my Gram Kennedy would make. Thats it. No funny business.

And unfortunately, I do not have another recipe to share either. I baked lemon-lime bars, a praline cake and triple chocolate cookies, but took photos of none.

So there ya go. Go check out all the fab cornbread muffins from the TWD blogroll. They won’t diappoint you like I have.

Sidenote: My brother is bringing BFMHTY back to me this week. I accidentally left it at my Grams at Xmas. Ive been lost without it! I didnt realize how much I use that book until it wasn’t here.


Want juice?


12 thoughts on “Slacking this week…

  1. I don’t stuff in my cornbread, either so I left it out and made it sweet. Actually, if you just left the stuff out and left the sugar alone, these might suit your palate. I was pretty surprised how good they were.

  2. Hillarious photo!
    Unless you like to one set recipe, maybe you should try out the Cornbread Gospels by Crescent Dragonwagon. The ones I’ve tried from it are good old plain cornbread. Pretty delicious.

  3. Well, it doesn’t sound like you slacked, what with all that baking you did. And really, I think you would have found these too sweet, based on the kind of cornbread you like. See ya next time.

  4. I’m a slacker, too. I was going to try them without the stuff, but just didn’t have the motivation to do so. I couldn’t think of anything to eat them with.

    I love the picture! We have that same sippy cup, although lately Gillian prefers the “fishy cup” over the “caterpillar cup.” =)

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