Kouign Amann



I was browsing blogs today, as I often do looking for a project. Actually, I was looking for a cake recipe for Jaos’ upcoming 30th birthday. (On that note, if anyone has a TO DIE FOR carrot cake or chocolate cake recipe, please leave in comments!) Instead, I found this interesting cake made by David Lebovitz. I had never heard of a Kouign Amann before, but you all know that I am anything but worldly. I decided to go right ahead and tackle it. I started at 12:30 and it came out of the oven at 4:22. So, be prepared to spend some time on it. David has easy directions to follow, as well as, some tips that you should follow. His pictures really save the day. Im an idiot when it comes to these fancier recipes.


I tasted it after cooling a few minutes. Buttery, caramelly..and then when taking some from the middle… holy yeast! I was kind of shocked at the seriously strong yeast flavor. But, I liked it, I more than like it.  It came out sort of a cakey/bready texture in the middle. Im not sure if thats how it is supposed to be, but thats what I got. I’ll make this again. While the oldest boys didnt like it, the baby did. And I havent been able to stop picking at the edges.

Check out the recipe here. Thanks David!



16 thoughts on “Kouign Amann

  1. claudette

    The carrot cake recipe in the original Silver Palate cookbook is the best I’ve ever made, and I’ve tried at least 6 or 7 other recipes. It uses cooked carrots, which was intriguing, and then I discovered that the taste was sensational, and I don’t even like carrot cake (I just make it for friends and family who do.)

  2. I am intrigued by this cake! I’m not sure how I would like the yeasty flavor.

    By the way, my fav chocolate cake is on the back of the Hershey’s can. I’m sure if you use Askinosie cocoa it would be out of this world.

  3. Hie thee immediately–if not sooner–to the latest issue of Fine Cooking. Abby Dodge has a carrot cake recipe that’ll knock you over. Holy cow. Don’t have your lipids tested for a million years, but you weren’t doing anything your 86th year anyway. Her recipe is paired with some urban-chic renovation made with candied carrot threads. Um, no. Go for the frosting-laden behemoth.

  4. teaandscones

    HHUUMMM!!!!! Sounds interesting. I think I will HAVE to try this one.

    Go here —http://www.teaandscones.wordpress.com/2008/09/26/birthday-cake/ for carrot cake. We like it.

  5. patricia

    I second the reccomendation for the Silver Palate Carrot Cake, all the ingredients blend together to make a scrumptious classic.
    I think it so perfect I used it for our wedding cake.

  6. interesting. never heard of this before.

    i love the pastry queen carrot cake recipe in my blog much better that dorie’s big bill’s cake. you can adapt it if you don’t like certain things….my hubby didn’t care for the mac nuts in it.

  7. I am so excited that you made this.
    I love kouign Amann! There is a local
    Bakery that makes a great version. I have
    The recipe you tried and one by nick
    Malgieri in the modern baker. You have
    Motivated me to give it a try.
    I agree with the silver palate carrot cake
    Nomination. Perfect!!

  8. I’m interested in joining tuesdays with Dorie. I’ve heard that it’s filled but if there’s a possibility of joining you I would love to. Thanks!


  9. Candice

    I just have to put out there Ina Garten’s carrot cake. And don’t skip out on the pineapple. It’s a great addition that keeps it moist.

  10. I’ve been intrigued by this recipe since I saw David post about it but it seemed like David had such a hard time finding a good recipe that I was scared to even try his! Yours looks like it turned out really well though. I’d definitely be picking at the edges too.

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