Offering Deer and Coffee Cake?


No TWD here. This past week has been a doozy and I just didnt get to it. I know I am dropping the ball. But, sometimes things happen, ya know? I come offering a picture of deer eating out of my neighbors bird feeder and a killer coffee cake from Sass & Veracity. Hopefully thats enough for this week. πŸ™‚


Deer may not be that impressive to a lot of people. But, considering I live in suburbia, its quite something to see 4 deer just standing in the neighbors yard, less than 50 feet away.


Coffee cake may not be impressive either. It was wicked good however, and if you are a fan of LOTS of coffee cake crumbs, this is the coffee cake for you. The ratio was about 50/50. Get the recipe here.

Check out the TWD blogroll for the REAL TWD of the week.


11 thoughts on “Offering Deer and Coffee Cake?

  1. Mmm, I love coffeecake. Cardamom and pecans sound fabulous. I was sort of a slacker this week, too. I didn’t make the Floating Islands, but I did do a Dorie recipe that I missed early on–the Quintuple Chocolate Brownies. Now I just need to see if I can get the post finished before I go to work…

  2. I like to see deer. My in-laws have them all the time in their backyard. When we go visit them, that is our highlight, to see the deer!
    As for coffee cake, the crumbier the better!

  3. I love it when I see my food in other places. It makes me feel all puffy and proud like one of my boys got a star in school or something! Goofy, isn’t it? And I’d love to see deer anywhere. At best, we get coyotes and even those have been few and far between, thankfully. Nice looking coffee cake you’ve got there…. ; )

  4. I am all about the crumbs myself. I will definitely check it out. The past few weeks have been a doozy around here too. What is it with this winter?? The deer picture makes me a little nostalgic since we didn’t live in suburbia growing up, but in a small town in Wyoming where there were always deer eating our tree in our front yard every night when I came home from work. They were kind of town pets. Hang in there! Hopefully as spring starts to sneak in some of the craziness will sneak the heck out. BTW – I probably missed it, but did your nest tat ever get finished? (WOW – that was a long comment! SORRY!) Love ya!

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