What’s your favorite cookie??


I am a chocolate chip cookie gal. I make lots and lots of them here. My husband is an oatmeal raisin man. They boys will eat just about any cookie, as long as it doesnt have nuts.

What is your favorite cookie? (attach a link if you have one!)


17 thoughts on “What’s your favorite cookie??

  1. It’s definitely too hard to choose just one. I would say that chocolate chip cookies are my all time fav but even with that, I have tried multiple variations. Recently I made Alton Brown’s The Chewy – it’s amazing.

    I also like this recipe from Cookie Carnival a few months ago. These are more cakey and puffy.

    Hubby’s all time fav is called a lumberjack. It’s a soft molasses cookie that is really good.

    For M&M cookies, I really enjoy this recipe. They’re really soft too.

    My sister loves these snickerdoodles. I make them for her often.

    And last but not least, I have to mention these chocolate blossom cookies. I made them during my 12 Days of Cookies at the holidays. The chocolate cookie part is soft and just delicious. I don’t know how to describe it. But they’re really good and could be made with any specialty Hershey’s kiss or hugs.

    Sorry to be so long winded.

  2. Laura

    I’m also a chocolate chip cookie girl…I also love Fannie Farmer’s Double chocolate chip cookies…yum! (sorry can’t find a link)

  3. I’m like you….I’m an old fashioned chocolate chip cookie gal. Last week I made some Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies (no walnuts). My friends and I ended up eating half of the dough and then baked the rest. Soooo good!

  4. I am a cookie lovin’ fiend. Honestly, CCC are my fave too (did you try the NY Times ones yet? They are pretty awesome.) The WP cookies are an extremely close second.

  5. Friends say ” Most Amazing sugar cookies, Amy.” Personally, if they don’t have chocolate, what’s the point? I absolutely love the World Peace cookies for something different. Of course there is everyones family favorite recipe for CCC’s. That’s what leaves those life long impressions on our palates that we have seen demonstrated in the variety of opinions among the TWD bakers. Don’t have a family cookbook yet and this family is funny about recipes. Darn! Stingy I guess.

  6. We’re in the same boat- I like chocolate chip and my tall man likes oatmeal, which I hate and hardly ever make (poor guy). I love Alton Brown’s the Chewy, too. I haven’t had very good luck with Dorie’s chocolate chip but need to try it again.

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