Happy Birthday, Jaos!


Today is my husbands birthday. This is the amazing cake I had made for him.

Happy Birthday, Jaos! Love you!

16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jaos!

  1. Girlfriend! You did a fan-FREAKING-tastic job! Love the little penguins playing hockey. Too stinkin’ cute!! I expect your next post to be a tutorial. Get on that! 😛

  2. Too cute! Love the one hiding in the igloo. What kind was it? Hope it was a very happy birthday. Looks like tonight there’ll be some Sens on the ice too!

  3. OMG – I totally love it! But how did you ever eat it? I don’t think I would be able to. Those penguins are too much!!! I think you scored major points with that….

  4. Shabina

    hi! i love your blog. Great cake! i need the recipe for the frosting or thingy you used to make the penguins! will appreciate it, thanks!

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