Happy Birthday, Dorie!


In honor of Dorie’s birthday, Holly over at Phe.Mom.enon put together a fantastic virutal dinner party! There are a bunch of fantastic recipes from Around My French Table to check out. My favorite TWD ladies did a lovely job of making this dinner party special! You guys rock!

I made Quatre-Quarts from the dessert section of AMFT. (Secretly, I was running late, as usual, and the cake is in the oven as I type this. As soon as the sun comes up, I will snap a photo. Steathily.) This kind of cake is Jason’s favorite. Simple and plain but makes for a great breakfast with a cup of coffee, or an afternoon snack. I love cakes I can whip up in no time at all. (Like at 6:30 am when running late, and need to get something done quickly.)

The only changes I made were, I did not whip the egg whites as Dorie instructs. The kitchenaid bowl was in the dishwasher already. Also, I added vanilla extract that I made with gold rum. Yum. To top it off, I added a little vanilla rum glaze, because whats a birthday cake without a little frosting? We always have cake for breakfast on birthdays, this was no exception. Colby and I enjoyed cake as soon as it was cool. To quote Colby, “oOoo, cake!” Cake for breakfast really is the best. The best!

Happy Birthday, Dorie! I know you are in Texas right now. I hope someone has prepared a Texas sized celebration for you. Wishing you lots of love, laughs and sweets today! Much love from here in Pittsburgh. xo

Thanks to Holly for putting this shindig together! Love you! Go check out Holly’s blog for the round-up!

17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dorie!

  1. Great post, Laurie! I love the candle. And the sprinkles! Birthday cake definitely needs decoration. We eat cake for breakfast on birthdays, too. And maybe on other days sometimes… =)

  2. I love the way you and Holly cooked up this birthday celebration – virtual and world-wide – for Dorie. And I definitely love the way this cake looks! This is my hubs’ favorite type of cake too, and although I’d eat any cake that’s handy for breakfast, with this one I wouldn’t even need to feel guilty.

    Happy Birthday, Dorie!

  3. Laurie,
    I love your post! The birthday candle and the stealth photography, how fun is that? I would just love to be a little bird watching Dorie as she unwraps her virtual birthday present . Thank you so much for doing this and thanks also to Holly as well.
    My husbands favorite cake is a buttermilk pound cake eaten any time and especially for breakfast and most certainly on birthday mornings with candles lit and with song. he he
    Its a party folks! Thank you again!

  4. Laurie, Laurie, sweet wonderful Laurie, thank you and merci! This is the most wonderful birthday party I have ever had and I can’t thank you and all the fabulous members of TWD and FFwD enough. You’ve managed to render me speechless with happiness! Much love and many kisses — Dorie

  5. Laurie.. I too was running late, I made the dish, put the photos together and wrote the post all in 2 hours before I sent it off to Holly last night.

    Your cake looks great, in fact everything everyone choose looks great, I have the book full of stickies marking everything that I want to make from it…

  6. so THAT’S what the SS project was….. 🙂 Definitely a surprise and a wonderful way to say “happy birthday”. Amazed at your cake and everyone’s culinary talent – I’m sure Dorie is impressed and greatful for all the time and effort. Kudos to you and Holly!

  7. Hi! My name is Diana, Dorie mentioned your blog yesterday at the cookbook signing and cooking class @ Central Market in Dallas TX. yesterday! So, I had to come check it out. and I LOVE IT! It was a pleasure spending the evening with Dorie on her birthday!!!

  8. This virtual birthday dinner was a blast, and i’m stoked that Dorie was able to take time out of her busy schedule to read and comment on our blogs! She is one awesome woman!!!!

    …and you and Holly are awesome for rallying everyone to participate!

    I love the sound of this cake…yum!

  9. I love how you frosted your cake, and from now on, birthday cake will be breakfast food here too! This was so much fun to do for Dorie. Thanks for organizing it all!

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