French Fridays with Dorie: michel rostang’s double chocolate mousse cake


Liam and Brody had a snow day today. Colby did not. But, I was able to whip this cake up due to not having to run around first thing in the morning. The batter was so easy to put together. I was unsure which option to pick, since this recipe has several options. Cold versus warm. I chose warm.

We haven’t actually cut into it yet. The cake is still hot from the oven. I snapped photos as soon as the middle sank. If the batter is any indication, it is going to be fan-freaking-tastic. I was eating the batter straight from the bowl. Yum!

As I was making this, my son Brody said, “So, its a cake shaped like a moose?” Love that boy.

Go check out all the other moose shaped cakes on the FFWD blog. There were lots of variations for this recipe, so there should be lots of different cakes. Check them out!

Edited to add: Oh my is this cake so good. I mean like seriously, blow your mind good. Its so chocolatey and light. You’d think its going to be dense, but its not. The cake almost melts in your mouth. This recipe is a definite keeper. Brody delcared, ” These are the best brownies ever!” and are they ever.

19 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie: michel rostang’s double chocolate mousse cake

  1. Now see, I really have to try this cake again because I didn’t have the obvious difference in texturing like you did. Mine just melded together. Very impressive, I have to say. I like the square.

  2. It may not look like a moose (so cute!) but, it sure looks good. I like that you made it in a square pan. We absolutely loved this cake. Yeah, for snow days!

  3. Ha ha , shaped like a moose , cute:-)
    Oh yeah i was eating the batter good too!
    Soo good!
    I agree, its soooo good , i really want to bake this again!
    Absolutely fantastic!

    And i have an earnest request to u too:-)

    My blog has been nominated for best if Indian Food blog awards
    there is a poll , right on FB

    And u can also vote for me here at my site

    Im 4th from Below or number 14 , Bright Morning Star! —

  4. Yeah! A post from Laurie! Love the square shape. And as Beth noted – thank you for your work in keeping the group running. It has been a lot of fun.

  5. Teresa

    Yours is the first square cake I’ve seen for this week’s challenge. It looks great. I can see kids loving this cake. We had ours twice-baked and chilled and really loved it.

  6. Oh my, I came here looking for scones and here is this delectable cake! I haven’t kept up with FFwD at all, but love seeing what everyone made so I can mark it in my book!

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