Random Slush


I baked up cupcakes yesterday for Liam and his friend. I used a mix. Yes, yes, I know, but mixes can be SO cheap! I churched them up with funfetti sprinkles in the cake and I made my own cream cheese frosting.

I finished a hat earlier in the week and it was just chilly enough to rock it a few days this week. I love the colorway. Its beautiful. I am so sad that the dyer has decided to call it quits.

It hailed in the middle of this week and Colby was fascinated. He stared out the front door until it stopped. Its very cool watching your child discover something new.

Lastly, after finishing my hat, I picked up a shawl I had started a year ago. The rows are getting so very long and I think I am only about half way done. I am determined to finish it though. Even if it takes me another year.

That’s all for my Sunday Random Slush. Maybe I will remember to come back next week with another update. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Happy April to you all!

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